Monthly Archive for November, 2005

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over and it’s pretty sad watching the video of people crawling over each other to get consumer goods like the new X Box. I was down and out with some kind of throat and sinus bug, so we had to cancel our plans to have dinner at a friend’s house. It really sucks to be sick over the holidays. Eleni had a high fever (104+) just before me, so I may have caught it from her. She’s better now and starting to take a few steps on her own. She’s an awesome little thing that makes AussieGirl and me smile constantly. Can’t wait to take her back home to St Louis over Christmas, so the family can see how she’s grown.

It’s a few days old, but Ben Stein has a good piece in The American Spectator, titled As Thanksgiving Approaches.

Can it be that the Democrats really want to surrender to the same man who killed 3,000 civilians on 9/11 and laughed about it? Are we so weak that in only four years, after a war smaller in casualties than many unknown battles of the Civil War, we are already eager to surrender to the man who murdered women and children and made terrified couples hold hands and leap to their deaths from the World Trade Center? If so, there really is little hope for us as a people….

I also wanted to link to an excellent article I read a few months back in Wired magazine about military bloggers – The Blogs of War. Read it and you might get a better appreciation for the guys who are risking their lives to keep us (and Iraqis) safe and free.

Sweet Victory

View from our seatsIt was my first Raider game in quite a while, but it was worth the wait as the Silver and Black came out on top in a squeaker at Washington, 16-13. They were down 13-3 at the end of the half and did all they could to give the Redskins the game, but the defense played tough all game. DL kept pressure on Brunner and all the young DBs, forced into action due to injuries, played strong. The only Washington TD came on an (and I’ll be nice to our starting QB here) “errant” pass which was returned 17 yards for a TD.

It was especially sweet for Raider Coach Norv Turner, who was unceremoniously fired by the despicable Dan Snyder after thirteen games into the 2000 season. This was a year after he took them to the playoffs, winning the division. The story goes that Snyder made him wait for him in the locker room a couple hours after that thirteenth game, only to be dismissed. They were even still in the playoff hunt that year at 7-6.

JP joined me as AussieGirl and ET went to the mall. Weather was perfect and we didn’t get screwed too much on tickets as we bought $54 upper deck, end zone seats for a C-note each – from one of those “I need tickets” sign-holding guys outside the stadium. Raider Nation showed up in pretty good numbers, too. Next stop – New Jersey Meadowlands to see the Raiders take on the Jets on December 11th.

It's a final

Raider Tickets from a scalper: $100. New binoculars: $80. Game program with nothing but ads and Redskin propaganda: $5…..
Hearing 91,000 screamimg fans quieted as the clock ticks down the final seconds: Priceless.

There She Is….

Eleni with Mrs VA…well she’s not exactly Miss America. And she’s actually not even a Miss, but a Mrs. Nevertheless, she has the crown and the sash and that made for a good photo op at the Annual Greek Festival thrown by Charlottesville’s Greek Orthodox Church – Transfiguration of The Savior. Mrs Virginia is actually of Russian heritage and is not just a pretty face if you read her bio. Eleni even got an autographed photo from her. As you can see from the photo here, ET was mightily impressed by that sash.

The church here is small and their festival is only one day and held inside. It’s on a weekday as well, which cuts into the potential attendance, probably by design because of space restrictions. I had to work and couldn’t go, but AussieGirl said it was packed and I did get her to bring me some take-away. The tiropites were fab.

It’s the Jihad, Stupid

I was reading about those horrible riots in France and would you believe that the criminals are almost entirely made up of teenage Muslims? No Way! (sarcasm) Not members of the “Religion of Peace”! (more sarcasm) In every single online article I’ve read and in several TV news stories on the riots, not a single mention of them being Muslim. That’s odd. The lefty main stream media being selectively, politically correct? (yet more sarcasm) The fact is beginning to get mentioned in a roundabout way near the end of some pieces. Usually near the part where they excuse them because of poverty and racial discrimination. Yeah, that’s a good enough excuse for lighting a crippled woman on fire.

Something tells me that if they were anything but members of the RoP, we’d hear about it. Probably in the story title. I don’t know why they still have a problem telling it like it is. After all, these type of people are blowing themselves into smithereens in order to take other innocent lives, whether Muslim or infidels.

All I have to say is that it couldn’t happen to a better country.

(This just in. We, the media, interrupt this blog with the much more important news of the Argentina, anti-American riots.)

Geek Porn

I saw a brilliant centerfold today in Wired magazine, of all places. Actually, it’s not what you think. It was a hilarious ad for a Sun server written in the style of a Playboy centerfold spread. Everything from the Warning on the first page, to the bearskin rug and horseback photos, and especially the data sheet (“I’m petite and powerful, with plenty of room for cables.”) is just really funny. Maybe it’s the geek in me. Here’s a link to a pdf version of the ad.