Albert goes deeeeeep

Albert Pujols is CLUTCH!

What a great comeback! I was starting on my second big cup of depression – after the Raiders’ flat performance yesterday, the 100-win Cardinals were on the verge of elimination with two outs (and two strikes) in the ninth. Then….

Eckstein = single.
Edmonds = walk.
Pujols = BOOM!

Check out the hilarious ESPN chat commentary as the ninth inning unfolded.

Redbirds still have to win two straight at home, but I’m optimistic. First, because Houston is a mediocre away team (36-45). And second, because Mo is on the Cards side. If you saw Houston manager Phil Garner in the post-game press conference, the dude looked totally shell-shocked. If he’s a reflection of his team’s frame of mind, they may be in trouble.

Go Cards!

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