Brady Rhymes with Baby

…well almost.

I think the mark of a true professional is not how they handle winning, it’s how they respond to losing. The sports media, helped undoubtedly by the NFL, is really pushing this guy on the public. It always bothered me that he didn’t come out and say the Raiders were stiffed when they used “indisputable video evidence” to invoke the Tuck Rule and overturn a game-ending play that may have propelled the Raiders to a Super Bowl in 2002.

He went all crybaby in a press conference this past week, all because of what the coach of the team that trounced them last week said about the Patsies. And get this – what he said was actually complimentary. The quarterback got defensive and came across as a total loser. Maybe he just needs a People magazine article written about him to cheer him up.

It’s funny how the main stream sports media is pushing this guy and the football fans just won’t listen. Now, they’re saying that their next opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, better beware because Tommy is upset. What a joke. If they win, it will have more to do with the absence of Michael Vick than his presence. What a lucky break that is. Here’s hoping a couple of hits from Roderick Coleman will cool his anger. We’ll see.

Another sort of related note – If they show that stupid Coors Silver Bullet commercial which features the Patsies again, I may shoot my TV. Do they think that actually will sell their horrible, watered down swill?

Oh, and too bad about those Red Sox. Bill Simmons, ESPN’s “Sports Guy”, and Brady can cry together. Admittedly, I’m a little sad about it, if only because the Cardinals won’t get a chance for revenge this year.

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