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Happy Halloween

Eleni's first Halloween
Eleni is exactly 9 months old today, on her very first Halloween, disguised as a ferocious Teddy Bear.

Gall-oway, Please Go Away

I so hope this Galloway sleazebag gets burned with the recent Congressional report that he was a beneficiary of food-for-oil money from the Butcher of Baghdad. He really turns my stomach every time he speaks, or should I say blusters, if that’s a verb. He’s a loud, ant-American wind bag and I had more than enough of him on BBC Radio and peacenik marches while I lived in the UK. Now that I’m back in the US, I have to hear him disrespecting our own House of Congress?

The lout even had the arrogance to “debate” someone like Christopher Hitchens not long ago. Debate is the wrong word here, since most of what he did was name calling and bringing out the same old lefty accusations about an illegal war, Bush lies, America wanting the Iraqi oil supplies, blah, blah, blah. He’s essentially stated that the attacks on 9/11 were the USA’s fault and regularly celebrates the “resistance” (something most sane individuals call “terrorism”). The saddest thing is that this fat-headed bastard is such a hero to the anti-war left. The tacky hollars and applause he got from his liberal fans at that debate was akin to the whoops in a Jerry Springer white trash special. And let’s not forget he was expelled from the UK’s Labour Party in 2003 after it interpreted some of his comments as an incitement to attack Coalition troops. If him and Michael Moore are the best they’ve got, that says something about that “movement”.

Sorry for the rant, but that’s just a bad man there. He’s the used car salesman of UK politics and makes his living off the anti-western fringe. Here’s hoping he gets what he deserves. Perhaps his next book, or better yet Mr Hitchens’, can be titled, “Mr Galloway Goes to Prison”.

Pity Party

Albert thanks The ManThe Astros are still up 3-2 in the NLCS, with two great pitchers throwing in the next two games and all I read is how everyone feels so sorry for them. That’s just sad. Not that they want anyone’s, but where’s the pity for the Cards? They’re the team that won 100 games and dominated all season. They’re the ones who almost got eliminated by a team that wouldn’t have even made the playoffs in years past. The Cards finished 11 games ahead of them, for Pete’s sake.

All this, of course, was brought on by the game last night that will be baseball lore – talked about for years to come.

I’m still getting goose bumps reading about it…how the Houston crowd became eerily and suddenly quiet, how Houston was celebrating before the game was over, how starter Andy Pettitte slowly mouthed “Oh – my – God” as Albert’s monster smash rose over those gay train tracks they have. I dare say that, even if the Cards lose the series, this will be the moment everyone remembers. But oh how much sweeter it will be if they come back and take the next two.

This couldn’t have happened to a better guy either. At the risk of employing an overused cliche – Albert Pujols is a class act, on and off the field. When I was at a GIS conference this summer in San Diego, I met a guy at the Padres-Cardinals game who told me a story about his niece, a little girl named Kathleen Mertz who has Down Syndrome, and how Albert bought her an all expense paid trip to Florida when he found out her birthday was coming up. This was at a fund raiser in 2003. Albert then bought another trip for a little boy in attendance so he wouldn’t feel left out. Here’s the story.

There’s more: During the 2002 season, Kathleen, representing the Down Syndrome Assoc of St. Louis, threw out the first pitch before a Cardinals game. She asked Pujols to hit a home run for her. Just like in the movies, Albert slammed a two-run homer in his first at-bat. Pretty amazing.

Pujols has a special interest in Down Syndrome. He and his wife, Deirdre, have a DS child, daughter Isabella.

So, stop feeling sorry for a Houston team that was lucky to be in the post season, and start rooting for Isabella’s Dad’s team. They’re the ones who really deserve a pennant and a World Championship.


Albert goes deeeeeep

Albert Pujols is CLUTCH!

What a great comeback! I was starting on my second big cup of depression – after the Raiders’ flat performance yesterday, the 100-win Cardinals were on the verge of elimination with two outs (and two strikes) in the ninth. Then….

Eckstein = single.
Edmonds = walk.
Pujols = BOOM!

Check out the hilarious ESPN chat commentary as the ninth inning unfolded.

Redbirds still have to win two straight at home, but I’m optimistic. First, because Houston is a mediocre away team (36-45). And second, because Mo is on the Cards side. If you saw Houston manager Phil Garner in the post-game press conference, the dude looked totally shell-shocked. If he’s a reflection of his team’s frame of mind, they may be in trouble.

Go Cards!

Trusted Travelers

This program makes a lot of sense. Speed air travel by having some people designated as “Trusted Travelers” and not having to be held up as much with security checks in airports. I mean, when there are nuns being put on no-fly lists, something’s wrong. I don’t like the fee thing, but I guess it’s gotta be done to offset costs involved with the biometrics. Now if they were really smart, they’d use the work already done by our government agencies and give blanket Trusted Traveler status to US Government employees who carry security clearances. That almost makes too much sense though.

Brady Rhymes with Baby

…well almost.

I think the mark of a true professional is not how they handle winning, it’s how they respond to losing. The sports media, helped undoubtedly by the NFL, is really pushing this guy on the public. It always bothered me that he didn’t come out and say the Raiders were stiffed when they used “indisputable video evidence” to invoke the Tuck Rule and overturn a game-ending play that may have propelled the Raiders to a Super Bowl in 2002.

He went all crybaby in a press conference this past week, all because of what the coach of the team that trounced them last week said about the Patsies. And get this – what he said was actually complimentary. The quarterback got defensive and came across as a total loser. Maybe he just needs a People magazine article written about him to cheer him up.

It’s funny how the main stream sports media is pushing this guy and the football fans just won’t listen. Now, they’re saying that their next opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, better beware because Tommy is upset. What a joke. If they win, it will have more to do with the absence of Michael Vick than his presence. What a lucky break that is. Here’s hoping a couple of hits from Roderick Coleman will cool his anger. We’ll see.

Another sort of related note – If they show that stupid Coors Silver Bullet commercial which features the Patsies again, I may shoot my TV. Do they think that actually will sell their horrible, watered down swill?

Oh, and too bad about those Red Sox. Bill Simmons, ESPN’s “Sports Guy”, and Brady can cry together. Admittedly, I’m a little sad about it, if only because the Cardinals won’t get a chance for revenge this year.

Nobel Prize for Drinking What?

I owe it to AussieGirl to post this link to the story of those two crazy Aussies who were recently awarded a Nobel Prize in medicine. They are obviously geniuses, but they had to stoop to drinking bacteria and giving themselves ulcers to prove their theory. So, ulcers are not caused by stress in any way. I guess if they knew that 20 years ago, John Madden might still be coaching the Raiders rather than making us roll our eyes with his comments from the Monday Night Football booth.