Moonbats & MSM Bias

Aside from the good news yesterday that the offensive IFC (International Freedom Center), proposed to be built on the World Trade Center site, was stopped by Gov George Pataki. And today’s news that the IFC will not build anywhere and go out of business, I came across an interesting blogger who analyzes how the San Francisco Chronicle conveniently hid elements of a recent “anti-war” rally by cropping photos to make the moonbats and their agenda more palatable to reasonable people. From the looks of it (see the Washington DC moonbatfest), it seems that communism is the dominant theme here….well, besides comparing our President to Hitler and Satan, claiming 9/11 was a US Government plot, and holding up placards with the inventive saying “f**k Bush”.

Make sure and check out the photos and, ignoring for a moment the fact that they’re hygienically challenged (after all, so are lots of Raider fans), decide for yourself if these people speak for you?

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