Happy Birthday to Me

DC I had a nice one, even thought the math still gets me down when I think too much about it. Not that gifts really matter so much, but I received a nice tie from my daughter, art from AussieGirl, and I bought myself a new cell phone (more on that later). We took a road trip up to DC, had a couple of nice dinners (Italian one night and Spanish tapas the next), and visited the National Gallery of Art. JP was cool enough to roll with us boring family-types and he gave me a hilarious set of Slang Flashcards, so I can “front a mad vocabulary” and “learn while cold chillin'”. I hope they come out with updates to this so I can stay a hip Dad as my baby girl gets older. Anyway, when we got home, I had a box of Mrs Fields goodies waiting for me at the door. From my awesome Mom and Dad. Most heartwarming was getting a phone call from my sister and her kids in St Louis while we were walking around DC, and a couple of home phone messages from Australia (Thanks Tony & Julie and Bob & Helen), and one from brother Pete. I think the best though was the phone message left and electronic birthday card sent by my Mom and Dad – she was right on when she said that this is the best birthday year ever for me because of the birth of Eleni. ET and Carolyn are the best things that ever happened to me.

Oh, and the cell phone story….I found a great rebate deal on the web and got the hot, new Motorola Razr phone (black, of course). Top of the line shiznit. So, I’m thinkin mighty highly of my bad self. Stylin with the latest gadgetry. Then I get a call from my 12 year old nephew and namesake, little-but-big Christos Stevens, who proceeds to tell me he got one for his birthday a few days earlier. Now, that’s wack! A freakin 12 year old! Those things cost some mad cheddar. And to think that I merely sent him a book: the new Harry Potter. Hope he stills appreciates the simple things. Got to bounce now, dawgs.


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