Lonely in San Diego

Church of the Immaculate ConceptionI’m in beautiful San Diego for the annual ESRI International User’s Conference this week. I’m staying in California’s first city, actually a neighborhood of San Diego, called Old Town. It’s nice, though a bit touristy, with a real Mexican feel about it. Last night, I had some really nice Carnitas with a side of some awesome guacamole at Old Town Mexican Cafe. This morning, when I walked by the cafe window at 0730 on the way to the trolley, the ladies were already up and tossing tortillas to the sounds of a Mariachi band. I thought that was pretty cool.

Today was the first day of the conference, attended by over 14,000 GIS professionals. The famous chimpanzee expert, Dr Jane Goodall, was the keynote speaker and she really moved people with her stories of the chimps’ ‘humanity’ and how their survival is threatened due to being hunted and habitat change (deforestation/logging). She also spoke a lot about our treatment of Mother Earth and the dire need for its renewal or we all will become extinct. Meanwhile, while I looked at the photos of the big, sad, brown eyes of baby chimps whose mothers were poached, I couldn’t help feeling homesick and lonely for my little girl and her Mommy back in Virginia. Friday, the last day of the conference, seems so far away. Thanks to modern technology, I can at least get a daily photo sent to my Pocket PC.

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