Google Watching

If you haven’t already seen the Google Maps interface or (especially) downloaded their free Google Earth software, you’ll see that it’s so much cooler than other online mapping sites like Mapquest. The interface and navigation are both smoother and, with Google Earth, you can go 3D with terrain features and, in some cities, building models visible.

There’s even a site called that is solely devoted to interesting, strange, and downright disturbing things (e.g. someone carved out a maze of Oprah’s face, Jacko’s Neverland Ranch) that regular users find on the earth’s surface. I noticed that the US Capitol Building, White House, and Old Executive Office Building have been sort of masked by The Man. Can’t say I blame them as it can be used as a planning tool by sicko Muslim extremists. And I’ll have to ask aussiegirl if she’s familiar with this bizarre floating man thing in Brisbane.

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