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What a great blog – this Harry’s Place. It’s UK-based and even though I lived there for six years, I only just found out about it…and from an fellow American friend in central Illinois (you know who you are Liam). Some great posts there recently, including a link to an interesting Observer article and a letter from a former “anti-pro-war” reader. But what I found most amusing, since I was a regular viewer of their newscasts while I was over there, was the story about the BBC and how their writers have been directed to never say “terrorist”. They have some before and after screen shots where you can see the change from “terrorists” to “bombers”.

That is so lame, though not surprising for the beeb. I remember thinking to myself while watching their Iraq coverage that if I didn’t know the whole story and just showed up from outer space, I’d think a Hitler-esque force (they almost exclusively used the terms “attack” and “occupation”) rolled into Iraq for no other reason than world (i.e oil) domination. And those poor, bomb-strapped individuals that were forced to resort to decapitating people on video, mutilating foreign contractors and parading their corpses? They were merely “insurgents” fighting against the big, baddies from the USA. My guess is that Galloway and Red Ken are getting a lot of airplay on the station this weekend.

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