It’s a walk-off!

Someone at work mentioned something to me after seeing our birth announcements. Something that’s got me a bit worried – My newborn daughter’s eerie resemblance to Derek Zoolander. Here’s the troubling side-by side comparo:

Eleni's Blue Steel look  The Original Blue Steel look

“I’m thinking – I’m hot, I’m sexy, I’m naughty, I’m coy, I’m scared, I’m an asteroid hurtling to the center of the earth about to blow up….big time.”

Could it be due to some kind of crazy mix up at the hospital? Doubtful, since Eleni was born thousands of miles away from the supermodel runways of New York. Plus, if Zoolander isn’t gay like most of his ilk, he’s probably way too into himself to commit to a relationship or children. That’s a relief, because she certainly has Zoolander’s infamous “Blue Steel” look down. Could this portend a big money, modelling future for her where she buys a Greek Island for her parents to retire on?

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