The Blob

When I was a young lad, the 1950s classic, B&W horror flick, The Blob, made for a few nightmare-filled nights for me. It was a little cheesey, and I don’t quite remember why people didn’t just sidestep the thing, but it’s still cool to this day.

There was a ridiculous item in the UK news today where they are taking off the air, a clever ad based on The Blob. The ad is for the yeast extract spread called Marmite, with the catch phrase, “You either love it or hate it”. It shows citizens of an English town either running away in horror from it, or hypnotically gazing at it before they throw themselves into it. It’s really an excellent and entertaining ad and appropriate for the product (I personally hate it, AussieGirl loves its Australian equivalent – Vegamite).

Anyway, the ad supposedly distressed the kiddies (they received a whopping 6 complaints), so they’ll be removing it from all children’s programming. Pretty lame. Stuff like The Blob and being scared of it is part of growing up. And it’s really puzzling considering the video games and violent toons that are out there.

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