…the little lady that will control and consume AussieGirl’s and my life for the foreseeable future. This is our homemade Birth Announcement.

Eleni Theoni Politis
Click on it for a larger version.

A wee bit late, but if you saw how much poop this little thing puts out, you’d understand that we have time for little else besides cleaning, feeding, and comforting her. She’d make Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, proud. Heck, with the noises that come out of her, the Gaseous Weiner would be a huge Eleni fan as well.

I’ve put a 1.2Mb jpg version on my server for family that may want to download and print out. Right-click and select Save Link As… here. It’s designed to be printed at 5×5 inches and 600dpi.

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