I’m Marrying a Pomegranate?

Newest PomLast week, AussieGirl had her UK Citizenship Ceremony at Cambridge Shire Hall. She keeps mumbling about how she’s a Pom now and her family Down Under may disown her. I don’t get that moniker, and apparently no one else really does either. As for being a traitor, she didn’t have to give up her Australian citizenship, so the family has forgiven her. On her blog, she relates the hilarious story of our newborn daughter and her impeccably timed bowels. Eleni would have made her Uncle Pete proud that day. Unfortunately, due to Eleni, her YiaYia Theoni missed the whole shabang by having to clean up the stinky mess.

It was an interesting ceremony, in a modest little room, in front of a large photograph of the old blue-haired Queen, followed by a scratchy recording of God Save the Queen. Oh, and immediately after, of course, there was tea and biscuits.

In all, there were 15 people there who wanted to be British and endure this depressing weather for the rest of their lives. Impressively, of that small number, about 8 nationalities were represented. Including (gasp!) an American. Wonder if he was a blue-stater that Canada wouldn’t accept.

I found it quite odd in the Oath of Allegiance, though, all the gibberish about pledging loyalty to the Queen and all her Heirs and Successors. Scary thought that this may include Prince Charles and his future wife, Camilla. Or, even scarier, that Nazi-loving son of his. I’m joking of course, but what I did find somewhat unsettling was the fact that 11 of the 15 invitees opted for the “Affirmation of allegiance” over the “Oath of allegiance”. The only difference being the reference to God:

I (name) swear by Almighty God that….
as opposed to
I (name) do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that….

One was Indian and probably Hindu. Hindus evidently all believe in one God but differ in their conceptions, so I don’t know why she chose the God-less oath. The others were not obvious in their secularity, although curiously, one lady was wearing a Crucifix. Maybe she was just a 1980’s era Madonna fan.

It’s hard for me to believe that 11 out of those 15 don’t believe in a God. Is a lot of it due to political correctness? I just find the whole idea of people being Godless very depressing, especially after experiencing the miracle of Eleni’s birth. I also find it comical that these people had a problem with the God part, but not with the Queen part. Uh, lets’ see….I won’t believe in a higher being, but I will pledge to obey some inbred old lady who sits on her throne only due to luck of birth…and whatever whacky sons or daughters inherit her riches.

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