Moss to Oaktown

Randy Moss is going to OaktownThis just in: Randy Moss (and his fabulous hair) is going to be a Raider. He’s been (unofficially) traded to the Silver and Black.

This is great news for The Raider Nation, especially on the heels of the Jerry Porter signing. With young up-and-coming superstar Ronald Curry as the third wide receiver, QB Kerry Collins has to be licking his chops for the 2005 season to start. Moss is statistically the best WR since Jerry Rice and the new Raider WR corps has a chance to be the best ever put together. At the very least, the most explosive.

I look forward to the return to the exciting, old school, vertical game the Raiders made famous and, most importantly, the return of the franchise to the top where they’ve been through the decades and where they belong today. To use a beer analogy – no more light, less filling football and back to more flavor. Death to boring football like this year’s Super Bowl team plays – the “take what the defense gives you” style. Back to exciting football that puts fear in the opponent’s defense – the “we’ll take what we want” style of dominating gridiron action.

Now, to work on and improve the Silver and Black defense.

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