Dynasty Shmynasty

I’ve been preoccupied with much more important things in my life….like my newborn daughter, but I have to take a few moments to put my two cents in on the aftermath of the Super Bowl.

I was afraid of this, but fully expected it considering sportswriters and their eagerness to label: The Patsies being called a dynasty. As the media goes nuts with the D word, I really think that the average football fan doesn’t really think of that team in those terms. A dynasty is a group of great stars who play well as a team, winning championships, and who other teams FEAR and who win by DOMINATING the opposition. Let’s face it, New England does not dominate and they don’t have great stars/athletes. I bet even a regular NFL fan can’t name a half dozen players on that team. They do just enough to win, helped immensely by turnovers (e.g. Philadelphia had 4 to their 1 in the game) and officiating.

They are a solid team that possesses great chemistry, coaching, and each player is unselfish and plays an integral part in their winning. I have to grudgingly admit that I admire them for that. But do other teams fear them? No. Do they have stars who other teams build their game plan around? No. Just look at the Pro Bowl rosters, where they are not represented any more than any other top 10 team. Just look at the fact that their so called “stars” have changed in the last four years. You do have to give their coaches much credit for that though.

Let’s get back to domination, the area in which a proper dynasty should excel in. Do they dominate their opponents? No. Their three Super Bowl wins were by 3 points and went down to the wire AND lest anyone forget that they were only in the first of those three due to a gift from the officials in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. I will never credit them with 3 Super Bowl wins in four years because that first one was simply not legitimate. If the Raiders had rightfully won that playoff game and gone on to win that year’s Super Bowl, undoubtedly the media would have been crawling all over themselves and calling them a potential dynasty in the days preceding the following year’s Super Bowl versus Tampa Bay. Remember also, that the Patsies were 9-7 and weren’t even a playoff team the following year. You don’t hear much about that disappearing act, do you? Sorry sportswriters, I won’t swallow your bullshit. I respect them for getting to and winning the last two, but don’t fear them one iota.

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