The Toes

The emails have been coming through fast and furious. Everyone’s been asking me: “Froboy, we already know by the photo that little Eleni has your fabulous, dark mane. Well on her way to carrying on the Froboy traditional (FroBaby? FroGirl?). But what we really want to find out is – does she have your classic, Greek toes? You know…where the second toe is longer than the big toe and has that elegant curl?”

Ah yes, characteristics said to be possessed by the great ancient Greek warriors, like Alexander himself, and symbols of power, strength, and wisdom. (I realize that seems like a lot to come out of a mere toe, but who am I to argue with the historians)

By popular demand, here are a few photos for a side-by-side comparison (fyi: mine are on the upper right).

ET toesX toes
ET toesET toes

Is she my daughter or what?

Update: I want to send out a big, Elvis style “Thank Ya Very Much!” to everybody who wrote or called AussieGirl and I to congratulate us on the birth of ET. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends. Most of the thanks, of course, go to The Big Guy up above for blessing us with a healthy little girl.

I took both my girls home from the hospital yesterday (Wednesday) evening and everything was going great until nightfall, when Eleni decided she was going to wake the neighbors. I didn’t know such a little thing could make so much noise. She was hungry but just wouldn’t take her mother’s teat, even though she was nursing pretty well at the hospital. With a little encouragement from a syringe filled with some hand squeezed mother’s milk, she finally started sucking herself into a milk-fed stupor…but that wasn’t until the next morning. They weren’t kidding about new parents losing sleep. The rest of Thursday went well as she nursed a half dozen times and slept well. AG gets her C-Section stitches out tomorrow and we’re hoping the feeding day goes as well as today. We’re also both desperately hoping that AG’s Flintstone feet start shrinking back to normal, human size because her beautiful toes are, after all, one of the main reasons I proposed to her.

Not to be too cheesey, but looking at Eleni really gives meaning to life. She warms my heart and makes me smile. My friends and fellow fathers Mike, Toby, Stan, and Hugie were so right – there’s nothing like being a dad.

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