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I’m Marrying a Pomegranate?

Newest PomLast week, AussieGirl had her UK Citizenship Ceremony at Cambridge Shire Hall. She keeps mumbling about how she’s a Pom now and her family Down Under may disown her. I don’t get that moniker, and apparently no one else really does either. As for being a traitor, she didn’t have to give up her Australian citizenship, so the family has forgiven her. On her blog, she relates the hilarious story of our newborn daughter and her impeccably timed bowels. Eleni would have made her Uncle Pete proud that day. Unfortunately, due to Eleni, her YiaYia Theoni missed the whole shabang by having to clean up the stinky mess.

It was an interesting ceremony, in a modest little room, in front of a large photograph of the old blue-haired Queen, followed by a scratchy recording of God Save the Queen. Oh, and immediately after, of course, there was tea and biscuits.

In all, there were 15 people there who wanted to be British and endure this depressing weather for the rest of their lives. Impressively, of that small number, about 8 nationalities were represented. Including (gasp!) an American. Wonder if he was a blue-stater that Canada wouldn’t accept.

I found it quite odd in the Oath of Allegiance, though, all the gibberish about pledging loyalty to the Queen and all her Heirs and Successors. Scary thought that this may include Prince Charles and his future wife, Camilla. Or, even scarier, that Nazi-loving son of his. I’m joking of course, but what I did find somewhat unsettling was the fact that 11 of the 15 invitees opted for the “Affirmation of allegiance” over the “Oath of allegiance”. The only difference being the reference to God:

I (name) swear by Almighty God that….
as opposed to
I (name) do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that….

One was Indian and probably Hindu. Hindus evidently all believe in one God but differ in their conceptions, so I don’t know why she chose the God-less oath. The others were not obvious in their secularity, although curiously, one lady was wearing a Crucifix. Maybe she was just a 1980’s era Madonna fan.

It’s hard for me to believe that 11 out of those 15 don’t believe in a God. Is a lot of it due to political correctness? I just find the whole idea of people being Godless very depressing, especially after experiencing the miracle of Eleni’s birth. I also find it comical that these people had a problem with the God part, but not with the Queen part. Uh, lets’ see….I won’t believe in a higher being, but I will pledge to obey some inbred old lady who sits on her throne only due to luck of birth…and whatever whacky sons or daughters inherit her riches.

Moss to Oaktown

Randy Moss is going to OaktownThis just in: Randy Moss (and his fabulous hair) is going to be a Raider. He’s been (unofficially) traded to the Silver and Black.

This is great news for The Raider Nation, especially on the heels of the Jerry Porter signing. With young up-and-coming superstar Ronald Curry as the third wide receiver, QB Kerry Collins has to be licking his chops for the 2005 season to start. Moss is statistically the best WR since Jerry Rice and the new Raider WR corps has a chance to be the best ever put together. At the very least, the most explosive.

I look forward to the return to the exciting, old school, vertical game the Raiders made famous and, most importantly, the return of the franchise to the top where they’ve been through the decades and where they belong today. To use a beer analogy – no more light, less filling football and back to more flavor. Death to boring football like this year’s Super Bowl team plays – the “take what the defense gives you” style. Back to exciting football that puts fear in the opponent’s defense – the “we’ll take what we want” style of dominating gridiron action.

Now, to work on and improve the Silver and Black defense.

Dynasty Shmynasty

I’ve been preoccupied with much more important things in my life….like my newborn daughter, but I have to take a few moments to put my two cents in on the aftermath of the Super Bowl.

I was afraid of this, but fully expected it considering sportswriters and their eagerness to label: The Patsies being called a dynasty. As the media goes nuts with the D word, I really think that the average football fan doesn’t really think of that team in those terms. A dynasty is a group of great stars who play well as a team, winning championships, and who other teams FEAR and who win by DOMINATING the opposition. Let’s face it, New England does not dominate and they don’t have great stars/athletes. I bet even a regular NFL fan can’t name a half dozen players on that team. They do just enough to win, helped immensely by turnovers (e.g. Philadelphia had 4 to their 1 in the game) and officiating.

They are a solid team that possesses great chemistry, coaching, and each player is unselfish and plays an integral part in their winning. I have to grudgingly admit that I admire them for that. But do other teams fear them? No. Do they have stars who other teams build their game plan around? No. Just look at the Pro Bowl rosters, where they are not represented any more than any other top 10 team. Just look at the fact that their so called “stars” have changed in the last four years. You do have to give their coaches much credit for that though.

Let’s get back to domination, the area in which a proper dynasty should excel in. Do they dominate their opponents? No. Their three Super Bowl wins were by 3 points and went down to the wire AND lest anyone forget that they were only in the first of those three due to a gift from the officials in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. I will never credit them with 3 Super Bowl wins in four years because that first one was simply not legitimate. If the Raiders had rightfully won that playoff game and gone on to win that year’s Super Bowl, undoubtedly the media would have been crawling all over themselves and calling them a potential dynasty in the days preceding the following year’s Super Bowl versus Tampa Bay. Remember also, that the Patsies were 9-7 and weren’t even a playoff team the following year. You don’t hear much about that disappearing act, do you? Sorry sportswriters, I won’t swallow your bullshit. I respect them for getting to and winning the last two, but don’t fear them one iota.

The Toes

The emails have been coming through fast and furious. Everyone’s been asking me: “Froboy, we already know by the photo that little Eleni has your fabulous, dark mane. Well on her way to carrying on the Froboy traditional (FroBaby? FroGirl?). But what we really want to find out is – does she have your classic, Greek toes? You know…where the second toe is longer than the big toe and has that elegant curl?”

Ah yes, characteristics said to be possessed by the great ancient Greek warriors, like Alexander himself, and symbols of power, strength, and wisdom. (I realize that seems like a lot to come out of a mere toe, but who am I to argue with the historians)

By popular demand, here are a few photos for a side-by-side comparison (fyi: mine are on the upper right).

ET toesX toes
ET toesET toes

Is she my daughter or what?

Update: I want to send out a big, Elvis style “Thank Ya Very Much!” to everybody who wrote or called AussieGirl and I to congratulate us on the birth of ET. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends. Most of the thanks, of course, go to The Big Guy up above for blessing us with a healthy little girl.

I took both my girls home from the hospital yesterday (Wednesday) evening and everything was going great until nightfall, when Eleni decided she was going to wake the neighbors. I didn’t know such a little thing could make so much noise. She was hungry but just wouldn’t take her mother’s teat, even though she was nursing pretty well at the hospital. With a little encouragement from a syringe filled with some hand squeezed mother’s milk, she finally started sucking herself into a milk-fed stupor…but that wasn’t until the next morning. They weren’t kidding about new parents losing sleep. The rest of Thursday went well as she nursed a half dozen times and slept well. AG gets her C-Section stitches out tomorrow and we’re hoping the feeding day goes as well as today. We’re also both desperately hoping that AG’s Flintstone feet start shrinking back to normal, human size because her beautiful toes are, after all, one of the main reasons I proposed to her.

Not to be too cheesey, but looking at Eleni really gives meaning to life. She warms my heart and makes me smile. My friends and fellow fathers Mike, Toby, Stan, and Hugie were so right – there’s nothing like being a dad.