Over the Moon

Randy MossYou know, given the theme of this weblog, that I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to post a picture of Randy Moss and his fabulous hair, and comment on what he did last week after he scored a big TD against Green Bay in the NFL Playoffs.

I’ve always been a proponent of the “hand-the-football-to-the-referee” school of touchdown celebrations….Raider style. Like greats Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, and Barry Sanders used to do. You know the concept – act like you’ve been there before and you’ll be back there again soon. I hate Terrell Owens antics for example, but I must say I have to agree with Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy on this one. Moss’ pretend moon was not all that outrageous. Certainly not as “disgusting!!” as Fox announcer Joe Buck made it out to be. I’m not the only one who thought Buck’s call was way out there. The guys on Sky TV commented upon the fact that the guy needs to chill out. It’s like Buck thought he actually dropped his drawers or something. I think he used that term, “disgusting”, at least three times, and in a most offended tone. Should a guy that works for Fox really be a proper judge of indecency? Fox isn’t exactly the classiest network. Just look at their programmimg history.

The fact that there’s a tradition where Packers fans moon the opposing team’s bus may even put Moss’ theatrics into context. And I bet those Green Bay guys didn’t do a pretend moon, either. Granted, Moss did it on a national stage, but c’mon….it was fake. And mooning is a harmless children’s prank. Let’s take that and compare it with Eric Barton’s elbow to the head of QB Drew Brees:

Pretend Moon = $10,000 fine
Vicious forearm to the head = $7,500 fine

Nice thing to have priorities, NFL dorks!

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