Daily Archive for January 14th, 2005


We rented the little movie, Napoleon Dynamite, the other night. I’m seconding Liam’s opinion of the movie. It was hilarious. Even AussieGirl enjoyed it, although I question her sense of humor sometimes….I think it’s because she’s from Down Under or something.

The movie was all about a big, lovable geek in rural Idaho and his experiences in high school and with his strange family (usually his brother and smooth Uncle Rico). Most of the movie centers around Napoleon trying to help his best friend, Pedro, get elected student body president. Pedro ran on the simple platform: “Elect me and your wildest dreams will come true”.

The characters were highly original, if not a tiny bit creepy since it was a total geekfest after all. But what other movie has all these things: tetherball, kickball (watch the deleted scenes), tater tots, llamas, lygers (a mythical creature combining a lion with a tiger), moonboots, door-to-door sales, glamour shots, milk tasting, and even a time machine.

I don’t know what my favorite part was, but right up there was the transformation of his uber-nerd older brother, Kip, into a sort of white Nelly with the help of the babe from Detroit that he met in a chat room. Pedro’s protective cousins with the bad ride were cool too. But the best part had to be the school assembly where the presidential candidates spoke and were to perform a skit. I’ll just say this: dancing machine Michael Jackson has nothing on Napoleon.

There was some excellent music throughout: White Stripes, Jamiroquai, When in Rome, Alphaville, and even Cyndi Lauper and a novel use of the A-Team theme. Agreed, the Lauper tune isn’t a highlight, but it was used perfectly for the setting – the school dance. The flick has an superb, Flash-driven official web site as well.

Tip: Make sure to fast forward to after the credits, where you’ll see the dramatic conclusion of Kip and LaFonda’s “sweet hook-up”.

Overall rating: Friggin Awesome.