A Nativity Scene….for me to Poop on!?

CaganerApologies for borrowing the phrase that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog made famous, but it’s appropriate here. I came across this whacky custom that the Catalonian culture of Spain has during Christmas. Evidently, wherever there’s a Nativity scene on display, if you look hard enough, there’s a gnome-like figure called a Caganer somewhere in there, probably tucked away in the corner, that’s laying down a hot, steaming, spiralling poo. Mondo bizarro. The Catalans are a Christian culture and the figure in no way defames the scene, but supposedly is symbolic of fertility or fertilizing the earth during the Winter (for Spring harvest, I presume) and is therefor considered good luck. No one seems to know how this originated. There are even spinoffs of the traditional, red-hatted little guy like the one pictured here, including Salvadore Dali, soccer star Ronaldinho, and a sumo wrestler dude….all crouching and pooing. I was disappointed to not find an Elvis or alien-figure Caganer. I wonder if they sell these by the side of the road, like they do gnomes in Germany?

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