Food, Glorious Food

Wegmans. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Maybe I’m spoiled, but one of the things I miss by living abroad is the great variety of goods to select from in America. I’m visiting DC (actually in the Northern Virginia area) for a conference and someone recommended that we go to this Wegmans Food Market place for lunch. I’d describe it as a Whole Foods or a Sutton Place Gourmet on steroids. It’s massive – as big as a super Wal-Mart and is 85% grocery store, 15% prepared foods section. There’s a deli, pizza bar, wok buffet, awesome bakery, pasta bar, and even a sushi bar. The fresh fruit and veggie layouts are beautiful and they say the grocery prices are better than the area’s chains. A friend told me that on the day of its grand opening, there was gridlock on every road leading to it. And here’s the clincher: they’re open until midnight. Why everything in the UK closes at 5 or 6 still puzzles me. I’ve been back to Wegmans three times since that initial trip. Look for them to expand to your neighborhood soon. They’re just too good to stay regional.

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