Bad Ride v 2.0

My new Bad RideIt hurt to let the Type R go, but it had to happen since it was a UK spec and I couldn’t bring it back to the USA with me. I decided that I deserved the Ultimate Driving Machine. I now know why they call them that and why these cars are mainstays on auto magazines’ 10 Best lists. Mine’s only a 3 series (I’m not a Doctor, after all), but it’s the 330i with the Performance Package. 220hp – a little more than the Honda – and a little quicker. It’s got a nice growl to the exhaust and it’s as solid as a tank….and sooo smooth. I didn’t get too many options other than the black leather interior to go with the Jet Black exterior and I’m waiting to get the iPod adaptor installed (a BMW exclusive). I officially baptised it as mine the other day with the standard feature on every one of FroBoy’s bad rides: the Oakland Raider logo (photo coming soon).

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