Angels & Demons

Angels and DemonsI finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and even with all the hubbub surrounding his latest novel, The Da Vinci Code, I can’t imagine that it can be much better. It was like watching a great action movie. One with mysteries and riddles to solve around every corner. It just oozes “make a movie out of me”. I love the fact that you learn things, little known facts (at least not known to me), along the way. Stuff like the existence of the huge particle accelerator at CERN in Switzerland, their experiments with antimatter, Galileo’s somewhat shady past, the history of the word assassin, what the eerie eye and the pyramid is doing on our dollar bill, secrets of the Vatican, and lots more. I also really enjoyed the Rome setting, as I’ve been there and was familiar with some of the places where scenes were set. It’s easy to give too much away in talking about the story, so I’ll just link to Dan Brown’s site for more information. I highly recommend the book.

One thing I want to mention though. He sort of mocks Americans for thinking that they invented everything. In one early chapter, the protagonist is amazed to learn that Tim Berners-Lee at CERN actually invented the World Wide Web (WWW). I don’t think it’s so much that Americans think they’re the center of the technology universe. I think a lot of it, at least in this case, comes from confusion over what The WWW is versus The Internet. The US Government Defense Department did indeed invent The Internet. Berners-Lee, to his great credit, developed the “service” called the WWW that uses the internet as it’s “roadway”.

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