Burn Baby Burn

Yasser Arafat is finally dead and beginning his long, slow burn in hell. Was AIDS the cause? Maybe. His marriage to a much younger, gold-digger that lives in an entirely different country and rarely sees him has all the markings of a homosexual’s beard. I guess his lifestyle is beside the point, but if his Muslim people on the street had known his secret, something tells me that they wouldn’t have approved (but I suppose he could have just moved to Canada). Perhaps now, without this obstructionist gone, peace may come to the Middle East. Let us hope and pray.

The UN showed how blind they are again when Kofi Annan spoke in tribute to the Father of Modern Terrorism just a few hours ago. The worst US President of all time, Jimmy Carter, also had kind words for the scumbag. CNN, BBC, ITV, and SKY all gave us live feeds of the airplane carrying his grotesque body as it was leaving France. And the Frogs gave him a send off fit for a head of state. WTF!! You would never know that this is the same guy that began the rage that is suicide bombing, ordered the assassinations of US diplomats, and supervised the Black September hostage takings and murders at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Believe me that’s just a small paragraph in his resume of murder and terrorism. Turning on the news today has been sickening and I’m afraid it’s going to be harder to hold the vomit in, as I’m sure the funeral will be covered extensively and lovingly by the British media.

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