My wonderful fiance took me to the ballet last night (but who’s really more wonderful – her for taking me or me for going?). Actually, it was pretty enjoyable, outside of the fact that there was a woman with a huge head directly in our line of sight. It was my first ever ballet. I’ll admit, there were moments when I found my chin falling to my chest but that may have been more because it was a long day and we went straight to see it after work. We saw the Moscow City Ballet performing Swan Lake at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Not the most beautiful or acoustic venue, but it saved us a trip into London. Tchaikovsky’s music was still gorgeous and the last act was excellent with all the movement going on onstage. The corps de ballet(the 25 or so girls playing the swans – sometimes all on stage at once) were particularly good. With so many of them moving about, it makes you appreciate the choreography and timing needed just to not run into each other. All the performers were really athletic, although I can do without all the sweeping hand gestures by the guys. A little too Richard Simmons. My favorite character: The evil sorcerer Von Rothbart.

Next up – the opera thing. Then, I can say I’m a well rounded, cultured guy….who still would have never voted for Kerry.

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