UN: Useless Nations

The organization every peace protestor loves, the UN, is doing nothing in Sudan while thousands die. This situation, once again, shows the total impotence of the vaunted United Nations to do anything about anything. All they do is write up “resolutions”, powerless to back them up. Oh, wait, I forgot their oh so scarey threat of “sanctions”. All the while, lining their pockets with something like the Oil-For-Food money that comes in. The ringleaders of genocide everywhere must quake in their boots whenever they hear the UN talking. Does anyone still doubt that they would have done anything at all about mass murderer Saddam and Iraq if the US didn’t step in? Here and for months now, we have an ongoing genocide in Sudan and nothing is being done. All talk – no action. It’s sickening. Anti-war protestors who held blood splattered placards demanding that America wait for the UN to handle the Iraqi crisis, where are you now? The silence is deafening from this group of people and Old Europe while thousands die and their heroes at the UN have meetings about it.

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