Mark Steyn Rawks!

Not only is the dude insightful, but he’s funny. Kinda like Michael Moore but without the misrepresenting of facts, outright lies, and anti-American propaganda (has the big, fat white man moved to Canada yet?). He even does movie reviews.

Mr Steyn points out that it wasn’t just rednecks who voted Bush. And I’m sure AussieGirl is proud of the fact that he’s read by the righteous people down under….

The Michael Mooronification of the Democratic Party proved a fatal error. Moore is the chief promoter of what’s now the received opinion of Bush among the condescending Left — Chimpy Bushitler the World’s Dumbest Fascist. There are some takers for this view, but not enough. By running a campaign fuelled by Moore’s caricature of Bush, the Democrats were doomed to defeat….more

I don’t know why I hadn’t linked to his homepage sooner.

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