DC Metro: time credited towards purgatory

since moving to DC i’ve touted the whole proximity thing: walking to do most of my shopping & dining-out, avoiding highway traffic, and the glories of mass transit. 4 of 5 days the bus-to-Metro-to-work and back goes off without a glitch. those 5th days i’m routinely reminded that our nation’s capital was never designed to carry today’s volume of commuters. splintering rails, tunnel floods, chronically busted elevators and escalators, get-tough-on-eating-in-cars enforcement, the notorious operator abandoning her car to catch another in the opposite direction without telling a full train of the ‘delay’, or the phantom pisser(s) (chuck berry groupies??) who somehow continue to leave their calling cards at will … well, you get the picture (and odor). this shit might be funny if it wasn’t more likely to happen on my Red Line ;( oh yeah, i’ve never been to “NOT IN SERVICE” before but i routinely see packs of passing buses bearing that “destination” in their marquees when the timetables say half of them should have stopped for me. mo’fos!!! i was confounded again on an idle red line train coming home today, when i saw this scary mess as we passed through woodley park station without stopping. unnerving for sure, and under investigation but how does an empty set of trains run backwards? to boot, the ensuing bus was 25 minutes late and already packed with folks who no doubt diverted from the south-bound red line to join me on the surface. i’m willing to cut folks some slack because they never planned for supporting the area’s phenomenal growth spurt, but the solution so far is to buy more cars. Metro’s resolve in their response to the disappearing operator was not to fire her but to send her to remedial training, or so i heard.

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