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Alexander (not so) Great

Oliver Stone sucks. It’s a fact made abundantly clear every time he opens his mouth, especially after his visit with his commie buddy Fidel. So I’m not surprised that he took liberties with the story of Alexander The Great. As we all know by now, every damn movie nowadays has to sneak in a gay reference or character to make the homosexually dominant liberal Hollywood cult respect it. Totally out of proportion to reality. I therefore fully expected Stone to focus on this rumor about Alexander, even though all our sources about the life of Alexander were written many centuries after the fact. I guess there’s not enough story there. After all, the dude only conquered 90% of the then known world. Stone and Hollywood have to play up the questionable bisexual thing.

Why did Stone, of all Directors, have to be the one to get his grubby hands on this? It could’ve been a great movie about one of the most powerful personalities the world has ever known. Now, it’s going to be boiled down to “was he bi or not?”.

Wasn’t Ridley Scott available?

My Greek brethren are up in arms over this and are actually threatening legal action (thanks to Liam for the link). They want him to put in a disclaimer that the movie is a work of fiction. I love this line …

Varnakos said as Stone has the right to freely express himself, the audience should have the right to know.

“We cannot come out and say that (former U.S.) President John F. Kennedy was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and so Warner cannot come out and say Alexander was gay,” Varnakos said.

And The Athens News Agency said no scenes were allowed to be shot in Greece because of government opposition to Stone’s portrayal of the Greek hero.

Stone actually included the vulgar line “Alexander was defeated only once — by Hephaestion’s thighs.” Hephaestion, by the way, is played by Jared Leto wearing eyeliner. The whole thing is kind of funny actually. The movie sounds like a total Rotten Tomato.

(That reminds me: There’s a creepy lookin dude, Shepard Smith I think, on Fox News Channel that I can swear wears eyeliner. Does this bother anybody else besides me?)

Bad Ride v 2.0

My new Bad RideIt hurt to let the Type R go, but it had to happen since it was a UK spec and I couldn’t bring it back to the USA with me. I decided that I deserved the Ultimate Driving Machine. I now know why they call them that and why these cars are mainstays on auto magazines’ 10 Best lists. Mine’s only a 3 series (I’m not a Doctor, after all), but it’s the 330i with the Performance Package. 220hp – a little more than the Honda – and a little quicker. It’s got a nice growl to the exhaust and it’s as solid as a tank….and sooo smooth. I didn’t get too many options other than the black leather interior to go with the Jet Black exterior and I’m waiting to get the iPod adaptor installed (a BMW exclusive). I officially baptised it as mine the other day with the standard feature on every one of FroBoy’s bad rides: the Oakland Raider logo (photo coming soon).

Angels & Demons

Angels and DemonsI finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and even with all the hubbub surrounding his latest novel, The Da Vinci Code, I can’t imagine that it can be much better. It was like watching a great action movie. One with mysteries and riddles to solve around every corner. It just oozes “make a movie out of me”. I love the fact that you learn things, little known facts (at least not known to me), along the way. Stuff like the existence of the huge particle accelerator at CERN in Switzerland, their experiments with antimatter, Galileo’s somewhat shady past, the history of the word assassin, what the eerie eye and the pyramid is doing on our dollar bill, secrets of the Vatican, and lots more. I also really enjoyed the Rome setting, as I’ve been there and was familiar with some of the places where scenes were set. It’s easy to give too much away in talking about the story, so I’ll just link to Dan Brown’s site for more information. I highly recommend the book.

One thing I want to mention though. He sort of mocks Americans for thinking that they invented everything. In one early chapter, the protagonist is amazed to learn that Tim Berners-Lee at CERN actually invented the World Wide Web (WWW). I don’t think it’s so much that Americans think they’re the center of the technology universe. I think a lot of it, at least in this case, comes from confusion over what The WWW is versus The Internet. The US Government Defense Department did indeed invent The Internet. Berners-Lee, to his great credit, developed the “service” called the WWW that uses the internet as it’s “roadway”.

Good News or Bad News?

On first read, the story about our soldiers possibly finding the terrorists’ hangout in Fallujah is a good thing. But aside from the fact that the ringleader is still alive, I’m thinking this ain’t such good news. How did we not find this place ages ago? It’s a large building with a big sign saying “Al Qaida HQ”, for God’s sake! Is our ground intel that bad that no one in these last few days and months didn’t spill the fact that this building existed? We could’ve dropped a TLAM in there and saved a lot of bullets. I don’t know, maybe the sign was just put up? Maybe it’s a ruse? Seems to me to be more bad news than good.

War is Hell

I have mixed feelings about what photojournalist Kevin Sites did with regard to the video he shot of the US Marine shooting a wounded, though potentially booby trapped, terrorist (Sorry, I refuse to call these animals “insurgents”). When you read his blog, he comes across a little bit lefty and a whole lot pompous. On the one hand, he has a duty as journalist to report what happens. On the other hand, he has a duty as an American to not do anything to endanger the lives of the young soldiers and marines that he’s embedded with. If it were me, I would’ve buried the story. This can do nothing but hurt our cause to bring freedom to Iraq. I’m just a civilian, so take it from people who know better that when in the heat of battle, you don’t take chances and give the enemy the benefit of the doubt. Fool me once, but not twice. It’s a safety issue. Doubt will kill either you or the other guys fighting with you. Especially if you give the benefit of the doubt to despicable group of people (term used lightly here) who fake surrender, suicide bomb, booby-trap dead or injured bodies, hide behind civilians, use supposedly “holy” religious sites and hospitals as sanctuaries and armories, and, oh yeah, decapitate innocent civilians on video. Let us not forget that Fallujah was where the American contractors were killed and their charred bodies were hung from a bridge to the delight of a crowd. And also remember one very important point, and this is only one major difference between the good guys and the bad guys: If this Marine did anything wrong, he will face justice. He’s already been pulled out of the battlefield. The terrorists meanwhile commit suicide and pass judgment according to some twisted, fundamentalist, Islamic logic. Logic that almost always ends up in a prisoner, whether or not they are a combatant, getting the death sentence.

The latest case in point is CARE worker Margaret Hassan’s murder. In cold blood. Not in any heat of battle. Like all the others, it was filmed and sent to Al Jazeera. She was an aide worker. She was Iraqi. She even opposed the war. Instead of this gruesome act making headlines in the Arab media, Al Jazeera instead decides to put the Marine incident on heavy rotation.

Note: That AP article on Yahoo linked to on the line above is truly disturbing. From the lead-in calling the Marine action “chilling” to the quotes from various Arabs and the “journalistic objectivity” portrayed in the reaction by the Al Jazeera anchor. The most precious quote is from some Jordanian car rental clerk: “The Americans are criminals, they don’t distinguish between a mosque and their places of battle….” Is that a joke or are people that stupid? The rhetoric and illogic continues to boggle the mind.

Protest Warriors

Their motto is “Fighting the left…doing it right”. And the site design is even pretty cool for a bunch of conservatives. When all is said and done, I’m confident that the Protest Warriors will have defeated the civil-disobedient, flag-burning Moore-ons of the left. The Indepundit has an interesting post on one face-to-face meeting in San Diego.

Keep fighting the Good fight.

Burn Baby Burn

Yasser Arafat is finally dead and beginning his long, slow burn in hell. Was AIDS the cause? Maybe. His marriage to a much younger, gold-digger that lives in an entirely different country and rarely sees him has all the markings of a homosexual’s beard. I guess his lifestyle is beside the point, but if his Muslim people on the street had known his secret, something tells me that they wouldn’t have approved (but I suppose he could have just moved to Canada). Perhaps now, without this obstructionist gone, peace may come to the Middle East. Let us hope and pray.

The UN showed how blind they are again when Kofi Annan spoke in tribute to the Father of Modern Terrorism just a few hours ago. The worst US President of all time, Jimmy Carter, also had kind words for the scumbag. CNN, BBC, ITV, and SKY all gave us live feeds of the airplane carrying his grotesque body as it was leaving France. And the Frogs gave him a send off fit for a head of state. WTF!! You would never know that this is the same guy that began the rage that is suicide bombing, ordered the assassinations of US diplomats, and supervised the Black September hostage takings and murders at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Believe me that’s just a small paragraph in his resume of murder and terrorism. Turning on the news today has been sickening and I’m afraid it’s going to be harder to hold the vomit in, as I’m sure the funeral will be covered extensively and lovingly by the British media.

UN: Useless Nations

The organization every peace protestor loves, the UN, is doing nothing in Sudan while thousands die. This situation, once again, shows the total impotence of the vaunted United Nations to do anything about anything. All they do is write up “resolutions”, powerless to back them up. Oh, wait, I forgot their oh so scarey threat of “sanctions”. All the while, lining their pockets with something like the Oil-For-Food money that comes in. The ringleaders of genocide everywhere must quake in their boots whenever they hear the UN talking. Does anyone still doubt that they would have done anything at all about mass murderer Saddam and Iraq if the US didn’t step in? Here and for months now, we have an ongoing genocide in Sudan and nothing is being done. All talk – no action. It’s sickening. Anti-war protestors who held blood splattered placards demanding that America wait for the UN to handle the Iraqi crisis, where are you now? The silence is deafening from this group of people and Old Europe while thousands die and their heroes at the UN have meetings about it.


My wonderful fiance took me to the ballet last night (but who’s really more wonderful – her for taking me or me for going?). Actually, it was pretty enjoyable, outside of the fact that there was a woman with a huge head directly in our line of sight. It was my first ever ballet. I’ll admit, there were moments when I found my chin falling to my chest but that may have been more because it was a long day and we went straight to see it after work. We saw the Moscow City Ballet performing Swan Lake at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Not the most beautiful or acoustic venue, but it saved us a trip into London. Tchaikovsky’s music was still gorgeous and the last act was excellent with all the movement going on onstage. The corps de ballet(the 25 or so girls playing the swans – sometimes all on stage at once) were particularly good. With so many of them moving about, it makes you appreciate the choreography and timing needed just to not run into each other. All the performers were really athletic, although I can do without all the sweeping hand gestures by the guys. A little too Richard Simmons. My favorite character: The evil sorcerer Von Rothbart.

Next up – the opera thing. Then, I can say I’m a well rounded, cultured guy….who still would have never voted for Kerry.

Mark Steyn Rawks!

Not only is the dude insightful, but he’s funny. Kinda like Michael Moore but without the misrepresenting of facts, outright lies, and anti-American propaganda (has the big, fat white man moved to Canada yet?). He even does movie reviews.

Mr Steyn points out that it wasn’t just rednecks who voted Bush. And I’m sure AussieGirl is proud of the fact that he’s read by the righteous people down under….

The Michael Mooronification of the Democratic Party proved a fatal error. Moore is the chief promoter of what’s now the received opinion of Bush among the condescending Left — Chimpy Bushitler the World’s Dumbest Fascist. There are some takers for this view, but not enough. By running a campaign fuelled by Moore’s caricature of Bush, the Democrats were doomed to defeat….more

I don’t know why I hadn’t linked to his homepage sooner.