Tell me who The Curse is on again?

It looks like my home town team is the one cursed in the World Series. The powerful St Louis Cardinals, winner of a whopping 105 games this season, are looking more like the Bad News Bears. Especially in Game 3, where basic baserunning rules that every Little Leaguer knows were apparently forgotten by one particular highly paid professional. And I don’t agree with those that say Larry Walker should have tagged on that short fly ball to left (he was out easily). It was shocking to hear the loyal Cardinal fans actually boo the team. That’s extremely rare in St Louis, but they deserved it and they would admit it.

It definitely looks like Boston has lost the “curse”, although I think that’s always just been a nice way of saying “choke”. Evidence? They seem to score every time they have a man on with 2 outs, the Cardinals have left so many more men on base, and the Cards’ big hitters suddenly aren’t hitting (Scott Rolen is statistically the coldest clean up hitter in World Series history, 0-12 at the moment). And how often does a team have back-to-back 4 error games and win both?

If Boston goes on to win, they have to rank up there with the worst ever defensive ball clubs to win a championship. Perhaps the Cardinals pitching has really never been very good and has been masked by their awesome bats. They threw a telling stat out today where Boston hitters have swung and missed at only around 10 pitches all series. Oh well, at least if they win, we won’t have to hear about their great curse any more. And here’s hoping it travels across town to where the Patsies play, as they’ve been the luckiest team in the NFL the past three years.

Related question: Why do the Red Sox, a wild card team, get home field advantage in The Series over the team with the best record in baseball? Because the geniuses over at Major League Baseball decided to alternate between leagues, rather than give home field to the team that deserves it. That doesn’t make sense.

Lastly, I want to set my pal JP straight…and I bet a lot of people are under the same false impression. That is, that the Dodgers have the richest history of any National League team. Wrong! Everybody knows the American League’s NY Yankees are far above all others with 39 division championships and 26 World Series titles, but the St Louis Cardinals are second in all of baseball with 21 division firsts, 16 NL Pennants, and 9 World Series. The Dodgers have 22 and 6. The AL’s Oakland/KC/Philadelphia Athletics also have more with 22 and 9. Plus, the Cardinals get bonus points for being in the same city since 1882. The Dodgers started in Brooklyn (since 1884). The Cardinals franchise is also about 20 years older than the Yankees (since 1901). This makes the Yankees record that much more impressive, but the Cards get props for their history and being around longer.

I still have confidence that the Redbirds can rock the baseball world and come back to win four straight, but as I type this post, I see that Boston has taken a 1-0 lead with a lead off homer in the first. Not a good sign, but at least it wasn’t with two outs.

It’s over. Sad and meek display of baseball by the Cards. Unfortunately, that’s all everyone will remember….not the 105 wins and all the other season’s achievements.

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