Shit-eating Grin

The Ginos boys discovering art at the LoopWhen we were visiting St Louis for brother Peter’s wedding earlier this month, we had lunch in the hip Loop district on Delmar Avenue (the rapper Nelly hails from an area of University City nearby). Our great friend Xtina joined us with hubby Tom and two sons(pictured here). Oh and lest I forget, Canadian Master Fisherman Telly K from Toronto was there as well. We ate the famous, chargrilled burgers of Blueberry Hill and as I perused the restaurant/bar’s Rock n Roll memorabilia and the stars on the sidewalk of the St Louis Walk-of-Fame, I was reminded of a bizarro story about one of St louis’ most famous sons – Chuck Berry. Telly wouldn’t believe me and damn if I can’t find a reprint of the actual article on the web, but here’s a page with a series of St Louis Post Dispatch articles written about his legal problems at the time. My fave is his quote after he swung a bag at a TV reporter at an airport in Sweden – “It must be a sting. Someone is out to get me.”

I originally had read about CB’s troubles in a Spy Magazine story around 1990. That was a great magazine, by the way, that went under in the 90s. I know I have that back issue and others in storage somewhere back in the states, but here’s what I remember….

Chuck was the object of class-action suit(s) stemming from a massive library of ‘toilet’ videos that were uncovered when police searched his home in response to a drug trafficking tip(only small amounts of marijuana were found, although the tipper said they’d find large amounts of cocaine). The videos uncovered the fact that he had installed surveillance cameras in the women’s toilets of his restaurant in west St Louis(Wentzville), to include close up shots of ladies as they urinated and defecated. The logistics of camera placement must have been difficult, but the man famous for his ‘duck walk’ found a way. That was weird enough, but then came the news about his “home movies”. Read on at your discretion…

Spy went on to describe a scene from one of Chuck’s personal home videos:
Cut to one of his women soaking alone in a hot tub. Chuck suddenly appears naked. He talks down to her, then lets loose a steady steam of urine onto her chest. She pretends to love it and rubs it all over her body. Then, when she asks for a kiss from him, he refuses because, he says, she smells like piss. So she rinses off. When she’s clean, Chuck reappears and hollars, “time for my breakfast!” (well it was either that or an enthusiastic “dinner time!”, but you get the gist). Now for the really nasty part – he sits in the tub as she squats above him. She then proceeds to defecate on his face and in his mouth to the sound of his moans and groans.
Gives new meaning to the title of this post and I’ve never looked at the pioneering Rock legend the same way since.

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