Coolness and Strength Down Under

AussieGirl and I currently have an Aussie friend of hers visiting and she had told us the other day that in the race for Australian Prime Minister, left-wing candidate Latham was ahead in the polls. That was disconcerting news. He was promising to withdraw all Australian troops from Iraq before Christmas (sounds very Spanish of him). And this, even though there hasn’t been a single Australian casualty in Iraq. Well, I don’t know what polls she was reading, but John Howard won handily the other day.

The Aussies are even cooler than I thought.

I’ll have to put away my bitterness after those anti-freedom yahoos vandalized the beautiful Sydney Opera House with red paint last year. This certainly shows that the Australian people have some backbone, won’t give in to terrorism, and are willing to fight for a free world – no matter how difficult the fight may become. What a contrast to the way the weak-kneed Spanish electorate reacted to the despicable murders on their own soil….and the pathetic rolling over by the Philippine government.

Australia – Stay strong and keep on keepin’ on.

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