Olympics Postscript

Carolyn at the OlympicsI never really got a chance to blog in August during the 2004 Olympics because I was so busy here in Athens with work. I did finally get a chance to escape work for a day and go with AussieGirl to see an evening of Track and Field events. The Athens Olympic Sports Complex is really a gem. The only negatives were the standard, bland sports venue food and the lack of green or landscaped areas. I don’t know if it was a joke or not, but someone said the dirt-filled common areas were purposely done that way to reflect the arid Greek landscape. My guess is that it was a joke and time constraints kept them from properly landscaping those areas. Kind of like the lack of a roof on the main swimming pool, which was by far the most disappointing aspect of the slow preparations.

Pictured is AussieGirl under the arches that spanned the promenade along the complex. This, along with the giant wind chime, was an extremely cool architectural effect. The Main Stadium was great looking, albeit a little uncomfortable with their plastic, ‘bucket’ seats. We saw American Joanna Hays win the 100m hurdles and I was really pissed off that they never had the awards ceremony for that race. The days’ program showed it, but for some reason it never happened (they held it the next day). I really would have liked to have heard our National Anthem played that night. We did see, at the end of the night, a great duel in the womens’ Pole Vault event between two great Russian athletes. The winner, Yelena Isinbayeva, completed the evening by setting a world record in the event.

Overall, it was a relief that all went well and without any major security incidents. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been here…and for work, no less (i.e. all expenses paid). After The Games, began the really fun part – the Greek island vacation and chillin with the relos.

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