Just Plain Big

just plain big waterlilies
I’m in no way a horticultural expert, but I appreciate a tree with a good, broad canopy where I can take my woman, a blanket, and a boxed lunch….with maybe a nice bottle of wine thrown in. We had that rarity in London on this Saturday past: a glorious, sunny day. So I took my girl and west of central London we went – to the Royal Botanical Gardens, otherwise known as Kew Gardens. It’s hard to imagine a better maintained garden with more variety of plant species than this one. Their Cactaceae(Cacti) collection alone makes your head spin with the number of latin names on display. Kew’s grounds are vast and everything is marked, although I’d like to have seen more common names listed alongside the scientific(Latin) name. The only real bad thing about it is that it’s directly in the flight path for planes landing at Heathrow, the 3rd busiest airport in the world, no less. Hard to nap under a beautiful willow tree with the noise of a jet landing every three minutes. My favorite part was probably the Waterlily House, hot and humid home to their giant waterlilies. I don’t know if the photo above does them justice, but these things are so large and strong that they can hold the weight of a small child. My good friends, Stan and Deb from Dayton, Ohio visited me here in October of 2001 and we went to Kew. It was a rainy, miserable day with not much in bloom. And they are real garden fans. There was a significant difference in my most recent visit. Hope they can come again soon.

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