Is Geographia a word?

Being a former cartographer, I had an interest in checking out The Map That Changed the World. That is, the map that the book was based on. It’s kept at the Royal Geographical Society in London, just outside the Royal Academy of Art (where I once had a Yoko Ono sighting at a Kandinsky exhibit). Only problem was, they have odd opening hours and I kept missing it. The last time we went down there, they were open, but the “map wasn’t available for viewing until October”. The RGS made the news here last week because they were opening their vast archives to the public for the first time, running through September. It’s said to hold one of the world’s largest collections of geographia. Pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out.

In surfing their site, I found that they have an excellent page on Everest, called Imaging Everest. Great photos and historical information on the nine expeditions taken between 1921 to 1953. I caught an item on the TV news here where someone(the RGS archives?) had Sir Edmund Hillary’s oxygen tank on display. That thing was massive! Hard to believe he made it up with that strapped on his back. Anyway, if you’re interested in Everest, check that site out.

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