OJ is still guilty

It’s been 10 years since the ridiculous, outrageous OJ verdict. ESPN’s Sports Guy has a great article looking back on it.

If the trial happened in 2004 instead of 1995, Simpson and his gravity-defying noggin probably would be rotting away in prison right now. He couldn’t have survived the overwhelming DNA evidence. The science is the same, but thanks to the startling popularity of “CSI” and “CSI: Miami,” forensics doesn’t seem nearly as complicated today as it did in the mid-’90s…

…Keep in mind: Blood was found at the crime scene, dripping on the left side of the footprints leaving the area (and yes, O.J. had an unexplained cut on his left hand). There was a 1-in-57 billion chance that the blood did not belong to O.J. There was blood in the Bronco, blood on the rear gate, blood on O.J.’s socks (found in his bedroom at home), blood on the gloves (one left at the crime scene, the other dropped behind Kato’s guest house at the Rockingham estate). In each case, the odds were in the millions and billions that the aforementioned blood didn’t belong to Simpson, his ex-wife or Ron Goldman. This would have been the most boring episode of “CSI” ever; Gil Grissom might have sent O.J. packing in 10 minutes.

Good point and I think he’s exactly right. Last week, I saw bits of an interview with OJ and he had the unmitigated gall to say that he’s “mad at Nicole”.

The photo further down on the ESPN page displays a telling photo of the racial divide that this trial caused, or maybe it just reflected what was already there. Disheartening stuff, but I’d like to think that things are better now and as SG says, history wouldn’t repeat were the trial to happen today.

Ralph Wiley also writes on the subject, most excellently as usual, though his article centers on an HBO documentary on race relations throughout Simpson’s life.

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