Morrissey, You Ignorant Prick!

Morrissey, the singer from Manchester, is said to be a introspective, sensitive, loner. Well, replace sensitive with insensitive bastard in the list of adjectives. And incredibly, he was cheered for his comments wishing for the death of our President. It’s really depressing how many people have that much hate and that little respect. Add him to Christopher Hitchens and Greg Palast as people whom their families should be ashamed of. Arthur from Bournemouth said it best about these people(in the MO comments):

The hate is turning YOU into the kind of people whom you claim to hate. Look at Morrissey. To take the moment of one mans death (Reagan) to wish death on another (Bush) is to become exactly the evil sort of being who you claim to despise. It is obvious that Europe and some of us Brits have become so embroiled in this hate and anger against the States that they can no longer see beyond their own anger….

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