Monthly Archive for April, 2004

I’d hate to be this pendejo when he gets pummelled the next time he leaves his house. What a moron! The UMass president was being nice by merely calling what he wrote “disgusting, arrogant and intellectually immature”. He found nothing admirable in a man giving up millions of dollars to fight for his country and other peoples’ freedom? He’s the real idiot and backtracked some later, but the damage was already done with his poison pen. It’s so comforting to know what type of individuals our system of higher education is churning out these days.

There’s much more on this f!#@head here, including a photo of his looney ass in case you have some saliva itchin to become airborne.

I don’t know if this made the news over in the states, but they’re all over it here in the UK….that is between blasting Tony Blair and the US (e.g. BBC). I speak of the sheep in New Zealand with the 60 pound fleece nicknamed Shrek. I heard that after he was shorn, he had problems balancing. He’s now a media superstar right up there with Hobbits.

Anybody want to purchase a Road-Eating Beast? Note that this is a UK spec car and it’ll cost you lots of money to ship and convert so you can drive in the US. Too bad cause it would be fun blowing the doors off of GTIs.

Pat Tillman was a great football player, but greater as a man. What he did, what he gave up, and what happened to him makes me ashamed of taking a game so seriously. What bravery and unselfishness. He’s the model kids should look up to – not spoiled, drugged up, and overpaid professional athletes. May he rest in peace.

Hey Greek brothers!…I’ve got an all expense paid trip to Greece riding on this Olympics thing. Granted, I’ll be on a tiring gig, but I can take a break afterwards on a sunny Aegean island. First, the swimming pool venue’s roof was cancelled and now 60 Minutes is on the case. That’s not good.

“It’s the moment where Greece will be branded in one way or another,” says Rondos. “This is the challenge we face. If it goes well, everyone…you, everyone else will say ‘By golly, they pulled it off. And you know what? I’m gonna go back there again.’ The alternative is, ‘The Greeks didn’t get it right.’ And it will mark us. It will be a stigma for a long time afterwards. And we all know that. That’s the challenge we face.”

Any publicity is good publicity? I don’t think so in this case. Even if everything gets finished, Greeks will be branded (even more) by their laid back nature and lack of discipline (I won’t use the L word unless they really don’t finish in time). I mean, they had like seven freakin years to do this thing. I guess procrastination runs in our blood.

The Spanish are now right up there with the French and Germans in the no-spine department with today’s decision to pull all their troops from Iraq. Actually, this is probably worse given the circumstances. Congratulations, weasels! You’ve succeeded in giving in to terrorists. Now, the murdering bastards will know that planting bombs to kill civilians in countries whose policies they disagree with will win their demands. That is so pathetic, weak, sad, and deals our efforts to bring freedom to Iraq a major blow.

I’m still in St Louis, where it’s a nice and sunny 18 degrees celsius and friday it’s going to soar to 27. I visited a couple of UK sites the other day to find out what’s new back in my temporary home and it was no surprise that nasty posh spice and her footballer husband were front page news again. This time, it’s all about the Mickey Mouse-voiced Beckham’s alleged adulterous affairs. Where else but in an english tabloid like News of the World can you get every lurid detail of a sexual encounter in print? It’s pretty funny, actually. What’s not so funny is that this sensational story totally obscures important stuff, like this great op-ed from Tony Blair in The Observer.

I was lucky enough to get offered a business trip to my hometown, St Louis, just in time for Easter. It’s gorgeous weather, I’m with my family, plus I just found out Aussie Girl will be joining me this weekend. I’ll be back in Cambridge on the 19th. Now, if only I could find an excuse to stay until the 25th to catch the NFL Draft.

Granted, some of the reaction from the right to the Falujah murders and mutilations were extreme and over the top. Things to the effect of “let’s nuke the place”. But that kind of emotional response is to be expected before cooler heads prevail. What’s much worse are scumbags from, sorry to say, the left, that characterize this sort of sub-animal behavior as something we had coming to us because of our ugly lynching history. Or the sad, sad lefty-blogger fellow that says (paraphrased). “they were mercenaries, so screw them.” What wonderful, peaceful people these are that were/are so against the war and yet are so unfazed at these monstrous deaths of Americans trying to help Iraq rebuild that they’re using it to promote their anti-war, blame-America-first agenda. Truly sad and pathetic.

Can you say psycho bitch? OK, maybe that’s a bit insensitive….change that to “troubled, young woman”. Regardless, she should be billed for the resources expended searching for her and apologize to everyone for all the tears that flowed worrying about her. Fox probably had the most red faces. I was watching their coverage as they all predicted that the big, bad, armed kidnapper would emerge from the shrubbery at any moment and have a shootout with police, as their helicopter filmed overhead. Watching the sniffer dog running in circles was pretty hilarious as well.