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One Frenchman that makes sense…

I can no longer tolerate comparing the Crusades to jihad, when the Crusades were nothing but a parenthesis in the history of Christianity while jihad is an integral part of Islam. I can no longer tolerate….

Animals! These people are animals. They did all this while chanting “long live Islam” and “Allah Akbar” no less. What a nice, loving, peacful religion Islam is. Here’s the truth: if there is an Allah, those sick fucks are going to Hell. Photos here of the horrific event are very graphic and I wouldn’t click if you don’t have a strong stomach. Besides the US contractors that were merely there to help them, we also lost 5 soldiers when a roadside bomb went off under their personnel carrier. All of them are in God’s hands now and in a much better place than God-forsaken Iraq. God please help me deal with my hatred for these savages.

Konstantinos BilalisCongratulations to my beautiful cousin Maria and her husband Dimitri. They are at 3 boys and counting now. Last thursday in Athens, Maria gave birth to a baby boy to be Christened Konstantinos, after Dimitri’s father. The little guy weighed in at 3.850 kgs and was 56 cm long. Whenever I visit Greece, they treat me like a king, and I look forward to seeing them again this August at Olympics time.

I’ve been in Stuttgart, Germany for work the last couple of weeks and just now was able to get online….and woohoo…Warren Sapp is a Raider. This came totally out of the blue and is a perfect fit. Paired up with mammoth Ted Washington in the middle of the defense will give the Raiders one of the best, if not the best, tackle tandem (Roderick Coleman who?). Now, to find a good pass-rushing Defensive End and we’ll be set on D.

Now, this is good news: coffee is good for you….although this sounds suspiciously like italian, pro-espresso propaganda. And speaking of Italy, I think they’re going to be next on Starbucks’ radar.

finally got out to DC’s latest must-comer dining experience, Pollo Campero. ok, it’s a fried chicken joint but popeye and the colonel are bound to start speaking espanol to try and rip-off the buzz of this central american juggernaut. i’ll admit there wasn’t much to the batter recipe but the portions were both generous and damn good, and the unique side of spiced frijoles will have you welcoming CAFTA like the GOP! lines went out the doors for months as Calle Elden drew my fellow hermanos and hermanas like menudo tickets, but it’s finally cooled off enough to let El Hombre in to see there’s more to latino fast food than taco belch. to boot, they piped in some awesome salsa/merengue musica. looks like col sanders has been overthrown by a junta – viva la revolucion!!

While LOTR was a great movie, or series of movies, it totally eclipsed some other fine ones this past film year. Among them was Seabiscuit. I just watched it and it was worthy of its Best Picture nomination. I hadn’t heard anything about it over here, maybe because of the subject matter – a true story about a great American race horse in the 1930s. Some of our best actors were in this one: Chris Cooper, Tobey Maguire, and Jeff Bridges, but it was all about the story. An old fashioned story about underdogs and never giving up and friendship and much more. The racing scenes were beautiful and the drama built up well in every race, particularly the match race against War Admiral.

I followed Horse Racing fairly closely as a young boy and teenager and this movie reminds me of one of the most tragic sports moments ever. In the mid 1970s, just a couple years after the great Secretariat’s Triple Crown win, I was a huge fan of a fabulous filly named Ruffian. Like Seabiscuit, she was an underdog but for different reasons. She had great size for a filly, but she was, after all, still a filly. Could she compete with the boys? She was incredible, winning every race she was in. But, there was still debate about whether she could beat the greatest colt around. In 1975, that colt was named Foolish Pleasure. So, they set up a match race at Belmont Park in New York. In front of over 30,000 and a national TV audience, Ruffian was leading at the clubhouse turn when something terrible happened. She pulled up and you could see that her leg had shattered and was dangling by the skin. She still was trying to run on it. I remember I had tears in my eyes. I knew she would never see a pasture again, much less a race track. But the Vets tried their best. She would be put down the next day after hours in the operating room and further damage to her leg after thrashing wildly upon waking from the anesthesia. It still saddens me to read about it today and the movie impacted me that much more because I thought of that beautiful filly in 1975.

In Greece, New Democracy (conservatives) look like they’re in, while the socialists are finally out. I suppose that’s good, but I’m very troubled by this little fact:

With just five months to go, less than half of the venues have been completed, including the main stadium. The 2000 hosts, Sydney, had finished all major building a year before.

It’s getting late in the day and this is setting up to be a huge international embarassment. And with a whole new government being installed, won’t this just slow things up even more?

I don’t know which is the bigger story today….the new and delicious fingertip salad at Red Robin or the news that Martha Stewart’s going to be bringing her style magic to a lucky prison somewhere.

And here’s another amazing story about a body part. Only this one made it’s way home and not to someone’s dinner plate.

I’m finally back online at our new Cambridge crib. Connecting at a consistent 576kbps via overpriced BT/Yahoo broadband. I might shoot a few pictures out, though that’s pretty boring. This place has four, count ’em four, full baths to choose from, but I’m really disappointed about the crap water pressure. Anyway, not much more to report but I must say that the Oscars were a let down. I didn’t catch it all but Nicole Kidman looked fabulous and Bill Murray should have won Best Actor. Instead, we got that smug weasel, Sean Penn. He couldn’t take the high road and just had to squeeze in a mention of WMD in his acceptance speech…..bitch!

Oh yeah, we also had a couple of visitors who we met down in London for the weekend, my koumbara/cousin Anna and her mom Jane. I had a great time. Among other things, we saw the fab Domenikos Theotokopoulos exhibit, better known as El Greco, at the National Gallery (after mistakenly taking everyone to the British Museum….I really must be getting old….I even pre-booked). One of my faves was The Adoration of the Shepherds. The guy was a master and replicas of his stuff, like prints or postcards, just don’t translate the power of his art. His Disrobing of Christ got to my emotions, but copies of it look flat.