Monthly Archive for December, 2003

The French press biased against the US? No way! But it comes from a French journalist who was fired for expressing his views. Might it be true?

pete and megan in parosIs there a more awesome and romantic way to propose to your girlfriend than just off the banks of the mighty Mississippi River and under the world famous St Louis Gateway Arch on Christmas Day?

I don’t think so.

No, it wasn’t me. I’m still over here in bloody England if you’ve been paying attention below. Twas younger brother Peter and his long-time love, Megan. The little Romeo even recited a poem to her while tourists snapped photos. (The pix at left is of the two lovebirds on the Greek island of Paros in June 2001.)
Congratulations, kids!!

Christmas TreeMerry Christmas! Kala Xristougena!

This is my first year away from my family on Christmas and I miss them very much. We decided to stay in Cambridge for one Christmas, hence pictured is my very first ever Christmas tree outside the family trees we had growing up. It’s a real, Nordman Fir which I’d never heard of in the states. The species is very popular here in the UK and actually is fairly prevalant in and around the mountains of Greece. Ornaments were acquired from all around Europe and the tree smells great. It looks a little naked without a skirt, which evidently has gotten lost in the mail. Just watched Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas to help cure my homesickness.

This is great: a US duo topping the UK pop chart this Christmas. What makes it even better is that it beat out the usual UK pop tripe, although The Darkness is kind of entertaining. I loved the Tears for Fears Mad World remake when I first heard it in 2001 on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. It only came to the attention of the masses with the help of internet word-of-mouth and MP3 trading. Even more surprising is that it has one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen, mainly just a head shot of the dorky singer singing it with a dorky hat, so that didn’t help sell records. And sure it’s a dark, gloomy song, but so much classier than the usual teenie bopper and pop idol crap competing for the tops in the pops.

What a brilliant idea: The Church Sign Generator. I can’t think of anything clever right now, but what was up at the site the last time I checked (“my last name is not ‘damn it’…..God”) is pretty hilarious.

There were some great designs at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in September. Especially cool is the new GTI with the 200hp engine. So now, my next car is a toss up between the GTI, the Mazda RX-8, or the BMW 330i. Tough choice. I think the Mazda is slightly ahead right now.

Ozzy Osbourne’s last words before going under the surgeon’s knife:
“I don’t care what you do, so long as the tattoos match up when you are finished.”….classic!

with muslim women angry at jacques chirac for making them take off their headscarfs, france better watch out…if the ladies band together, i think they could take their military. the complete military history of france.

no OJ jury here….the accused killer of the two Soham schoolgirls was found guilty today and will probably rot in jail, if he isn’t killed in there first. he claimed it was all a freakish accident, as i blogged about several days ago, and i started to think the jury may have bought some of it because it took them three days to return a verdict. the delay was more likely because his girlfriend’s fate was being debated…to sentence her as an accomplice or for obstructing justice? they opted for the latter and gave her 3 1/2 years for giving huntley an alibi (she initially claimed to have been with him when the girls disappeared). now, the sad information is being made public that huntley has a history of sex with underaged girls(11,13, and 15), rape, assault, and burglary. in all the allegations, 10 total, the police decided they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed. the real uproar now is how a police check, which they did when he was hired as the school caretaker, didn’t uncover this history. even if they were just allegations, why not keep some sort of record in the case of a pattern or trend? he had even changed his surname(to nixon) for no apparent reason other than to clear his criminal history(the burglary charge did stay on his record as huntley).

never forget….stomach-turning murals found in iraq. plus, this could prove to be a saddam 9/11 connection. we’ll see if it pans out.