Monthly Archive for November, 2003

is it just me, or does CSI (the original) totally rule over CSI: miami? i think the main thing, for me, is the cast. CSI has a great cast, while the miami version has david caruso in the leading role. nuff said. that dude just bugs me. he plays exactly the same guy in everything he’s been in. i mean, isn’t this the same character he played in nypd blue? he is just not likable at all and he always walks around with this squinting, ‘i’m the shit’ expression on his face. and he talks in that hushed, self-important tone all the time. i don’t think he’s smiled or laughed in any episode i’ve seen so far. while the stories are still good, did they really have to duplicate the show in another setting? do they have that many scripts on crime scene investigating floating around?

happy thanksgiving! surprisingly, what’s good about having a foreign girlfriend is learning about your own culture. i guess i never paid much attention in history class as a kid (plus that was a long time ago). so questions like, “how did thanksgiving day come about?” make me search the web for some answers. i knew it had to do with the pilgrims and a feast with the indians to celebrate a harvest, but why the big deal? how did it endure and become a national holiday? this history of thanksgiving site provided some knowledge. learned some interesting stuff, including the fact that they didn’t land on plymouth rock (though they settled there after landing in cape cod), there were two times more “strangers” than “separatists” (from a puritan sect), and they didn’t call their entire group “pilgrims” until they settled. more myths here, from the history channel.

a swedish website that will sing to you. it takes samples of words from songs and puts them together. very cool, although i’ve found their dictionary to be a little limited. but if a word is missing, you can tell it where to find it by typing in an artist and song.

man, if i were a seattle seahawk, i’d be mad as hell. it’s not even in doubt that the zebras robbed them of a win over baltimore. they made not one but three mistakes on the same play. 1) dropping a flag on a non-penalty, 2) not restarting the clock after they corrected that mistake, and 3) giving shaun alexander a bad spot on his third down run, which appeared to be a first down. they’re awfully diplomatic about it, all considered. perhaps they have themselves to blame a little bit because, if it were me on the sideline, i’d have noticed the clock not running and just thrown my red replay flag out on the field to stop action and bring it to the ref’s attention. it sounds to me like coach holmgren was just standing there. it’ll be a travesty if they lose their division or miss the playoffs by one win. maybe st louis will take that officiating crew out to dinner.

interesting espn page 2 feature on overrated nfl players. this was brought on by keyshawn johnson’s ‘damn’ firing by tampa bay. i totally agree with the 1972 miami dolphins being way, way overrated. and it really pisses me off that all the old players on that team get together and celebrate when the last undefeated team loses each year. celebrating another teams’ loss? why not just be happy that your team was lucky enough to do it? and the guy that listed romo as overrated is a jackass. how could you be overrated when you’ve started on four super bowl championship teams and played in five super bowls?

uk music magazine Q took a bunch of music “experts” (whatever that means) and ranked the best songs of all time. i’m a big U2 fan, so i can’t complain about the winner. also glad to see one of my faves, radiohead’s creep, make the top 10. but c’mon….eminem at number 6?!? that totally delegitimizes the whole list.

the beer advocate has an interesting forum going at the moment posing the question: You’re at a bar. Choices are limited. You have to drink Budweiser Miller or Coors, which do you pick?

here are some of the replies:
Can I take a bullet to the head?!
…Hopefully I will never encounter such a bar
Since you are talking about them, can’t we just add water as a choice???
…the choice is always water, margarita, no beverage or leave
What is this? The beer equivalent of the no-win scenario test?

pretty funny. but maybe that’s cuz i’ve got several nice ones in the frig. tonight, i whipped up some chicken fried rice to accompany a pint of badger golden glory. wonderful beer. it’s a rich, golden ale, hence the name, with a very nice peach and melon flavor to it. it says on the label that they actually use peach blossoms. strong, flowery aroma. it was a little dissapointing to see some negative reviews on the beer advocate site, but i think that’s just because some tough guys don’t like fruit in their beer. i had to put in a glowing one to up it’s score.

disgusting. some of these people disgust me. i don’t even know what to call them anymore: anti-war protestors, peaceniks, demonstrators….no, i think i’ll just go with ‘idiots’.

one englishwoman idiot at the march actually said that “bush and blair should be assassinated”. not joking. and they say the president is evil?

there was the obligatory weaselly american idiot in london saying that “i hope the world doesn’t think all americans agree with bush….blah, blah, blah”. well most do, stupid fuck, and i’m glad, as are many of the now-free iraqis. this same person said she felt ashamed that some canadian wouldn’t talk to her when he found out she was american. who the hell cares. he’s canadian. they’re bred to be socialist anti-american fucks.

there were the idiots that (still) say the war was so america could get iraq’s oil.

and there were those head-in-the-sand idiots that thought they were making some grand statement by toppling a mock statue of the president in trafalgar square. first, that is insulting to all americans. second, it’s unintentionally ironic and doesn’t make much sense. it just reminds everyone of april 6th and all the right reasons we toppled the murdering iraqi tyrrant.

oh, and lest i forget to mention that they’re burning our flag down in jolly ole london as well.

these idiots follow the likes of george galloway, jesse jackson, michael moore, damon albarn(i’ll never buy another blur cd and i’ll burn the one i have), and their crazy mayor (yes, london has a mayor. and he ain’t no guiliani). so should i be surprised by their actions and rhetoric?

scenes like i saw today make me want my country to shut ourselves off from the world and watch everything go to shit. but we’re trying to make the world a better, safer, more free place. sometimes force is needed and mistakes are made, but it’s all for the greater good. thank God some people….most people….don’t want us to go home:

Where is the red paint to protest against the blasts at Najaf, of the UN in Baghdad, of the Red Cross, of the synagogues, of the Bali night-club, of the Arab-Jewish restaurant in Haifa? Where are the ‘No Suicide Bombings’ posters in the Muswell Hill windows? Or do you really believe we can save ourselves by constructing a huge wall around these islands, or around America, and painting it with smileys? That maybe then the ills of the world will leave us alone?

these people should be ashamed that while they march against the “terror of george bush”, real terrorists are bombing uk institutions and killing uk citizens in turkey. they make me sick.

gay “marriage” is bullshit in my opinion and i’m opposed to it. marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman. period. full stop. why must we go and redefine standards for the sake of a cultural minority? give them their civil unions with their benefits, but why desecrate the sanctity of marriage. next thing you know, california will redefine the definition of child molestation so wacko jacko can keep doing it. and maybe some crazy state will redefine what sex is and elect bubba their governor. massachusetts is liable to elect a gay bishop or something(oh, wait a minute). dubya seems to be the only guy not talkin out the side of his neck on this one. who knows though, this whole decision may backfire on them:

…But the most important consequence of Goodridge may be that the country will now get the honest debate on the gay-marriage issue that the media has managed to suppress up to now. Gay marriage has arrived in Massachusetts at a point when the larger public is opposed to the reform. What’s more, three quarters of the states and the federal government have put laws or constitutional amendments in place that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Once it becomes apparent (and it will) that a judicial decision in a single and notably liberal state threatens to sweep all of those laws aside and impose gay marriage on an unwilling nation, all hell is going to break loose. The conflict between public opinion and high-handed judicial and media elites is about to be exposed with unprecedented clarity.

sorry, can’t get enough of paris. the hot-legged, airhead heiress….not the city. the smoking gun has the goods on her sex tape partner’s slander suit. i didn’t realize that the tape is three years old and the chick was only 19. and leave it to fox to give this girl a show. she pairs up with lionel richie’s daughter in the simple life, a reality program where the society princesses do stuff like clean up roadkill and milk cows. circle tuesday, december 2nd on your tv guides. yeah…..that’ll be a hit.