Monthly Archive for March, 2003

sharon stone getting laid by the aol running man icon? he’s broadband, so are they saying that size matters? now that’s some crazy ass advertising. amusing though.

good riddance, peter arnett. he lost not only his nbc job, but his national geographic job as well. if you recall, arnett’s the cnn reporter in 1998 that brought us the big lie that accused american forces of using sarin nerve gas in laos in 1970. hope he goes back to new zealand and the dark lord sauron has his way with him.

this just in: the lowly london daily mirror just hired him.

discovered a hilarious blog. check out jim treacher and read about how michael moron changed his mind about the war.

and for more hilarity, i give you the lemon, which is a conservative version of the onion. here’s a sample…

WASHINGTON, DC — President Bush broke down and revealed his plans for a post-war Iraq during a press conference yesterday. Said Bush, “You guys are right. You got me. I don’t know how you figured it out, but I can see we can’t hide our true plans any longer. We plan to go in there and take all the oil and enslave the Iraqi people. I don’t know why we even tried to hide it in the first place, you guys are just too smart for me.”

Under the newly-revealed White House plan, all of the Iraqi oil will go to Bush personally, who will then re-sell it to the American public after a “modest markup”. Also, all mosques will be bulldozed and replaced with Wall-Mart and McDonald’s franchises, in an attempt to “civilize” the country. Bush also added that, “[the Iraqi people] are gonna have to learn some English so they can talk right instead of using that jibber-jabber language they got over there.”

damn. i hate it when michael moron is right. can i just say, “my bad”?

we are doing the right thing

The folks at No Such Agency apparently have a picture of the spot the bombing occurred, and there’s one really telling piece of evidence. Or rather, there isn’t. There’s no crater in the ground. I didn’t do very well in college physics, but I am pretty sure that a 500 or 1,000 pound bomb–far less a bigger one–which is falling at several hundred miles an hour, is gonna make a big hole in the ground when it hits, and a much bigger one when it explodes. The crater left by bombs of that size are usually at least ten feet deep and twenty or thirty feet across. In the Baghdad bombings, there are no craters. These bombs were set by the Iraqis on the surface, to kill crowds of their own people, and for the sole purpose of creating propaganda against us. Get used to this. The Iraqis will kill more of their own each day, and try to blame us. That’s why we need to be forceful in calling them on it….

hey protestor fucks! while some of you are no doubt good people who just want peace in the world, the other disgustingly large number of you that hold up pictures of the genocidal maniac hussein and equate america with nazi germany should explain findings like this torture chamber in a hospital. it’s just more evidence that we are doing the right thing in bringing down this regime. the south korean protestors (and violent at that) really make me sick. they rage against america when america is the only thing saving their sorry asses from being annexed by north korea. pathetic.

the professionalism of CENTCOM, the language used in briefings, the media coverage (al jazeera v any western station), the use of embedded reporters, the treatment of POWs…..there are so many examples to show the contrast between the good guys and the bad guys in this war. here’s another:

…but we still see that terror behavior. A couple of days ago — actually, a day ago, we had a report of an Iraqi woman waving a white flag to get out of an area that was hazardous. Our troops allowed her to continue. They continued on a patrol. Came back some time later in the morning and found her hanged at the light post on a street corner. So, that kind of terror continues. And we should not forget that that’s the approach of this regime. That’s not the approach of this coalition.

this is merely more of the same from an evil regime. they’ve used civilians as human shields and masqueraded as surrendering civilians, so i guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve now resorted to suicide bombing. make note of these items and wake up from your hypocritical slumber, protestors of the world!

visit rachel lucas’ blog and read about the supposedly morally superior behavior of peaceniks.

ahhh, france…what a peace-loving and nonviolent people!

sheen shuts the fuck upman! more celebrity idiots

In a statement Friday, Sarandon said that “considering the depletion of federal funds for community programs and the faltering economy, it is disturbing to me that the United Way is letting partisanship determine its support base. “Once again, the shortsightedness of the powerful will end up hurting those in need.”

it makes total sense to me that the united way didn’t want her to use the charity as a political platform. what’s comical is her arrogant statement and its implication that just because oh-great-susan isn’t allowed to appear at the event, they were going to lose money. by the way, it was reported that her “fee” for appearing at this charity function was $20,000. it just makes me wanna bitch slap her girly-man husband, tim robbins.

could there be horrific videotaped evidence of the savagery the animals in the iraqi regime have committed on our soldiers (POWs)? NRO journalist jed babbin says,

I have confirmed that the Al-Jazeera tape, all twelve minutes of it, is merely an excerpt of the hour-long version being shown regularly in Egypt and elsewhere. The short version shows the interrogation of some U.S. soldiers and the defamed dead bodies of others. The longer version includes all that, plus the murders and later abuse and mutilation of the bodies. Apparently, the whole thing is out there on the internet…

i seem to doubt most of what the media says nowadays, but if this is true, why doesn’t al jazeera show it to all their arab friends that are rioting in the street? afraid they may realise that they’re protesting for an evil regime? i hate to say this, but these people are so lost and they hate americans so much, it probably wouldn’t make a difference. i hope this is just more disinformation. my faith in the human race is already just hanging by a thread.