undercover brothersolid! that describes undercover brother and my white soul brother, jp, who visited aussie girl and me this past weekend. we had a great time in london where we saw the excellent phantom of the opera and visited the tate modern and royal academy of arts. i publicly apologize for my lack of time management skills (i am greek after all). we missed the first scene of phantom and i had jp sprinting to catch the last cambridge train at kings cross station on saturday night. oh, and the semi nasty two-star hotel i booked in london (never again).

jp happened to bring along his coveted dvd of the movie undercover brother, which is like a blaxploitation version of austin powers, without all the fart and toilet jokes. it was a pretty funny spoof with a great soundtrack. didn’t hurt that it had denise richards as the ‘white she-devil’. as a friend once said in describing a ‘solid’ waitress at a restaurant in rome, “she’s built like a brick shithouse”. you know i must recommend any flick that includes her and magnificent fros. funny news item on her….she was pissed off because the movie poster was enhanced to make her onion look bigger. seems that they gave in to her, because the official web site looks as if they made the fix. appears they took some off the top as well. they also put her name over her bum in one version and there’s another version for sale with a frontal view. typical. sounds like they all gave in to the man. ub was played by eddie griffin, who i’ve not seen before, but he was funky. david chappelle was excellent as ‘conspiracy brother’, as was billy dee williams as a colin powell-esque character (“he’s so well spoken”). oh and of course there was the token white boy played by neil patrick harris (aka doogie howser md). i could even stomach chris kattan in this one.

besides leaving me laughing, the movie leaves me with one big question, ” what’s the deal with black people hating mayonnaise?”.

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