Monthly Archive for February, 2003

come to think of it, has anyone ever seen vladimir putin and dobby in the same place together? froboy’s theory is that they’re the same person! alert the enquirer. now, if we could only get harry to work some of his magic on the punk so he doesn’t use his un veto on us and we can go in and kick some serious, chemical-boy ass.

i’m totally freaked out by the flash mind reader that jersey girl sent me a link to. it read my mind every time, about five times straight. well, almost every time. only when i tried to ‘play’ it by looking at a different symbol than the one i should have was it wrong. it must work on probability in some way because a lot of the symbols repeat, but still it’s damn spooky. is kreskin involved?
(note: after i wrote this, i figured it out. they didn’t give me no lambskin for the maths for nuthin.)

satan does saddamthose wild n crazy aussie chicks! (the american girls were much braver by getting naked in the new york snow though. and, they even made their message into a funny pun. it was meant to be a pun, right?) maybe froboy should get all his ladies together to spell out


look, i’m a peace lovin guy and everything, but don’t people watch the south park!?! don’t they know that this saddam hussein guy is a sick, satan-loving (literally) bastard? seriously though, some people won’t realize the danger he poses until innocent people are vomiting their guts out from vx gas. he’s had so much time to disarm, it’s a joke. hitler is looking up from level 9 of hell and laughing his ass off….reminiscing about the good old days when he tossed aside of the treaty of versailles and pretended to be scared of the league of nations. and now we have the discovery of the range-illegal, al samoud 2 missiles. i’ll be very surprised if he even destroys those. we’ll see. on the other hand, maybe he will to get the peaceniks even more peacenikee.

now, i want all those naked ladies to put their clothes back on and read this, straight outta habbaniyah. scary enough to make you lose that nipple erection, huh? in many ways, the great number of peace protestors are attributable to the failings of the bush administration and tony blair in presenting the case against iraq with all the evidence they have. it seems that the print media has done a much better job with the damning details. but i guess not enough people read these things….throngs of people in the streets and barenaked ladies are much more interesting than a boring old iraqi officer who was witness to the weapons and a yugoslav businessman. (on an ugly side note, a group of australian men did the naked peace thing this week. i won’t even link to that shit.)

play find the terrorist and check out more great flash toons by mark fiore.

who cares about the tyson bout. i wanna know how america’s sweetheart, tonya harding, lost in her debut. maybe she expected them to let her bring a hubcap into the ring?

jumping the shark“….that was an expression used in two articles i read recently on the tv shows, the simpsons and 24. i’ve never heard it before but it evidently refers to when a tv show is on its way downhill. it was named after a happy days episode that signaled the beginning of the end for that long-running series. i never saw it, having stopped watching that show long before, but it was the one where fonzie ‘jumped over a shark’ (huh? how did they figure that into the plot?).

the article on 24 is quite funny and not without some valid points, but i still enjoy the show. you have to give the producers credit for having the cojones to kill off the wife at the end of the first season. they did have an alternate ending where she survived and they lived happily ever after.

as for the other article using that expression, all i can say is that the writer is on crack. while the simpsons may not be as consistently excellent as it used to be, it’s nowhere near ‘jumping the shark’ status.

the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

it was appropriate that i saw so many iraqi flags being flown during the huge “peace” protests in london this past saturday. after all, subjectively the march was for peace; objectively it helped Saddam Hussein. He knows that; the march was shown for seven hours on Iraqi television. i just watched it on tv, but i could feel the anti-americanism coming through the tube. i thought it was quite funny that a fellow american, that self-promoting clown, jesse jackson, took part and was even invited to speak. that almost de-legitimizes the whole thing, doesn’t it? if these people were flying the iraqi flag because they don’t want innocent iraqis killed in a war, then where were they when saddam was killing hundreds of thousands of innocents. to paraphrase the brave prime minister, tony blair, Indeed, the million people on the London march were a shocking image of the million who have died because of him.

There was, I thought, one slogan which was missing. There were quite a number which called for “Freedom for Palestine”; I looked in vain for one which called for “Freedom for Iraq”…From what I did hear, none of the speakers expressed any wish to free Iraq, let alone proposing any policy which might help to achieve that…

The demonstrators were not people who had opposed Saddam’s refusal to disarm under the terms of the UN ceasefire in 1991. They were not people who had marched against Iraq’s treatment of the missing hostages seized in Kuwait, or of the Iranian prisoners of war, or of Iraqi dissidents, or of the Kurds and Marsh Arabs. All of these things had passed them by.

i’m not saying that these were not mostly good people, but in effect, this great demonstration, and others like it around the world, actually will serve to oppose the liberation of iraqis and to promote saddam hussein’s tyrannous rule. and it will actually serve as fuel to make a war more likely because it encourages saddam hussein not to disarm. if he remains in power (highly unlikely), these people will have been hussein’s useful idiots.

[note: there’s a great opinion piece in the times that i’ve quoted from here and link to in the blog heading.]

book him, dano! that’s strange….’Hasil Mohammed Rahaham-Alan’ doesn’t sound venezuelan?

The French lost WW II to the Germans in about 20 minutes. Along with the British, we got into the war and had about 150,000 guys killed getting their country back for them. We fought all across France, and the Germans finally surrendered in a French schoolhouse…..

i just finished watching andy rooney’s excellent commentary on france not having earned their right to oppose the united states on iraq. whether you are for or against going into iraq, i don’t know how anyone can take anything the french (and their little brothers, the canadians, for that matter) say seriously. france is the same country where many of its citizens still think we flew those planes into the pentagon and wtc ourselves. basically, and as stolen by jonah goldberg from a quote on the simpsons, they are cheese-eating surrender monkeys. (and don’t even get me started on germany.)

when i was home for Christmas, scott ritter was all over the tv. i hadn’t heard anything lately from the former un weapons inspector, which is odd with the iraq crisis heating up. in surfing around, i found out why. (thanks once again to liam’s blog).