schloss neuschwansteini was so obe (overtaken by events) with the raiders that i forgot to finish writing about my fab trip to the beautiful schloss neuschwanstein and my skiing adventure on the 2950m high zugspitz. actually, not much to say about the latter, other than i survived and had a great teacher with a lot of patience (she’s actually quite good for a girl). as for the castle, it’s the one that walt disney modeled his theme park castle after. though a bit girly (romantic) and kitsch (i prefer the medieval style of burg eltz, which i visited last year), it was nevertheless quite impressive. it has a very interesting history. bavaria’s king ludwig II, who built it in the late 1800s, barely lived six months in it, before being declared insane and shortly thereafter was found mysteriously drowned in a shallow lake outside of munich. my photos don’t do it justice, especially the setting, as it sits nestled on the side of a mountain. the conditions were too slippery to get a better view of the castle from a nearby bridge or trek up the mountain. and we were a little disappointed in that the front portion was cloaked in scaffolding, but the visit was well worth it anyway. there was even another castle nearby, hohenschwangau, where the king spent most of his life, though we didn’t have time to tour it.

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