“they should lose their jobs….they should be out. how do you not know the rules of your own game?”

after u of miami was killed by some terrible college officiating in the national championship game, the nfl one-ups them big time by robbing the giants of a chance at a game winning field goal which, if made, would have saved us from being subjected to even more tv profiles of fruity qb jeff garcia and what he does in his time off with his little rat dogs (it’s so apt that he plays for san francisco). it’s just one more example of sickening nfl officiating that will cost players and coaches their jobs. what were those idiots thinking? last play of the game, a playoff game, and they don’t discuss what they’re calling. and i can’t believe that they didn’t see the pass interference. at least three flags flew immediately after the eligible receiver was tackled before the ball got there. they had to be for the pass interference. i think that they didn’t communicate this fact to the head official, who was only informed of an ineligible man downfield infraction, or they assumed that the ineligible man was the receiver that was interfered with. regardless, if they weren’t so hasty in making that call and talked about it, they may have gotten it right. i don’t know what’s worse, the snow job in new england which robbed the raiders, or this. at least here, they’re admitting their mistake while last year they tried to come up with the phony excuse of the so-called tuck rule. and how come nobody is talking about a string of questionable calls against the browns in the second to last pittsburgh drive? that whole drive was due to penalties. i don’t know why i’m such a fan of this sport when the officiating is so wrong?

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