Monthly Archive for December, 2002

i’m still in st louis, just visited the symbolic gateway to the west, and considering that my least favorite holiday* is just around the corner, i’m feeling pretty good. we had a beautiful, white Christmas and i saw lots of friends and loved ones. only downside is that i had a recurrence of my old sinusitus problem, so i’m on prednisone and antibiotics. that means no alcoholic beverages for me for a while. i’m going to have to get my high off the pure adoration of my fans. getting ready to go out for a nice, quiet dinner with my parents and aussie girl, then a nice, loud midnight celebration with my sister’s family of four boys.

and a happy nameday to all the big, fat greeks out there named vasiliki(my Godchild in velo, greece) and vasili(alexandros’ new son in athens).

*least favorite because of the whole passage of time thing, combined with my always pessimistic view of the future. plus, mix in some bad dates from the past.

aussie girl asks, why is missouri called the show-me state? a couple other questions that i embarrassingly couldn’t answer is the population of st louis (about 360,000 in the city, but a whopping 2.6 million for the metropolitan area) and how america got its name (though i always thought it was that italian vespucci dude).

i’m back in st louis for Christmas, but i was able to spend a day in london before i left. did some shopping (which included the great toy store, hamley’s) and had time to see the turner prize exhibit at the tate gallery. a tate membership, to both the tate britain and the tate modern, was my early Christmas gift from my girl. probably one of the best gifts i’ve ever gotten. the turner prize is usually controversial (tracy emin had an undone bed on display in the past) and this year’s was no exception. one of the four nominees, fiona banner, had a large, wall-size work where she simply wrote out the text from a porn movie (arsewoman in wonderland) script. very explicit. i think keith tyson was the deserved, easy winner here. judge for yourself at the tate link above.

courtesty of the onion i couldn’t resist checking out j-list – no fro:boy, not anything having to do with j-ho (damn!) but it did turn out to be a funny assortment of japanese pop-culture stuff. the front page has an interesting blogger-like report and the author really gets worked up in his detailed descriptions of all things chic in japan. i don’t get the whole school girl/sailor uniform thing but they had some cool gonzo T-shirts with japanese writing. slogans like “barbarian american soldiers”, “respect the emperor, repel the foreign barbarians” (complete with a silouette logo of admiral perry’s clipper!), “confident in my sexual power”, or “i’m a strange foreigner” could go a long way for laughs and gasps next time i go to a euro museum.

internet sex cannibal? damn. and i thought the germans had their heads on straight. this whacko trumps dahmer, i think.

a brother greek developed this memory trick and i wasn’t told?

going down to londontown for the evening and most of sunday for a Christmas party and maybe some shopping. staying near hyde park.

this is quite funny from the onion…about a bunch of marxist slackers and their apartment experience with marxism. while it’s meant to be a joke, it sure has some rings of truth to it.

wouldn’t it be cool to work here?

hate to make gianni angry at me for dissin his pal and bill clinton’s partner-in-slime, jesse jackson, but there’s a nice review on a new book about the poverty pimp and killers’ rights activist at frontpage mag.