Monthly Archive for November, 2002

this is a magazine. get past the text-based homepage and into the issues for some great art and photography.

i like what tuesday morning quarterback writes about the stupid ‘tradition’ of giving detroit, and especially dallas, a home game every thanksgiving (don’t hate me, jb). they both suck and have sucked for a while. the lions started playing the turkey day game sometime in the 30s. the dallas thing started in the mid 60s behind their bullshit self-proclamation of being ‘america’s team’. both teams play on artificial turf. one is even indoors. what about seeing some ‘traditional’ football with dirt, grass, and weather? if the nfl were smart, they’d give us competitive, well-played games with good teams on that holiday, when so many people are full of turkey and doing the couch potato thing in front of their set. it just makes sense for their marketing and sponsors, too. but then again, these are the same people who gave us the tuck rule. this brings up a question: why did they reverse the fumble call in the raider PLAYOFF game last year and they didn’t see any indisputable visual evidence to overturn the call in the game-ending kurt warner fumble vs the redskins last week? they were eerily similar. actually, brady even had both hands on the ball in the raiders’ robbing. hmmmmm.

tmq also makes an interesting point about overtime in the nfl (but i admit i’m bitter because the raiders lost two coin flips this year….and could easily be 9-2). on the subject of overtime and detroit, somebody tell me why mornhinweg won the toss and gave the ball away last week? you can read more about the lions’ coaching blunders in the tmq. matt millen must be getting an ulcer. and remember, we get the pleasure of watching these guys on national tv tomorrow (i do so wish they beat the hell out of the patsies though).

but the highlight of this week’s edition of tmq is (scroll down on the page) catherine bell and her comments on stiletto heals that invoke rich, mental images of the jag starlet. do they always have to put her in a uniform in that show? i’m hoping for a ‘jag goes to baywatch’ tv special. c’mon, that could happen. heck, they just had a facts of life reunion show on the other day.

award winning author salman rushdie writes about the craziness that’s going on in the muslim world, especially nigeria.

Where, after all, is the Muslim outrage at these events? As their ancient, deeply civilized culture of love, art and philosophical reflection is hijacked by paranoiacs, racists, liars, male supremacists, tyrants, fanatics and violence junkies, why are they not screaming?

when i heard on the news about the rioting over what a journalist wrote on the subject of the miss world pageant, i thought, “yeah, yeah, more fanatics….nothing new…”. but then i read that over 250 people had been killed. that’s nuts, people! over a comment written about a beauty pageant? would hard-line Christians start killing people in the street if someone said Jesus had a love thang with mary magdalene? wait a minute, that’s happened….martin scorsese made a feature film about the subject (the last temptation of Christ)…i don’t remember massacres, but there were some protests around theaters showing the flick. can you imagine if a similiar film was shown about the prophet Muhammad? the machete industry would be happy. maybe i shouldn’t be surprised. these are the same people who are going to stone to death a woman who has been convicted of adultery.

i’m heartbroken. they seemed so perfect for each other. what has the world come to if these two kids can’t make it work?

i printed a map out the other day that i downloaded from a map library site. it was a middle east area map made by the lebanese government. i noticed that israel was on the map but it was annotated as “palestine”. lebanon, by the way, is 95% arab according to the excellent online resource, the cia world factbook. that leads me to mention an item from the daily illini that i found via hey listen. it’s about a paid ad that ran in the daily illini from (click on ‘mid-east 101’). the ad is the sad truth, but the leftist campus majority felt they had to print an editorial disclaimer when they ran it. what about free-thinking people making up their own minds? it must be tough for liam to deal with this on a daily basis over there.

italian gas stationfro-boy’s italy correspondent, gianni, reports this disturbing scene (click on the thumbnail for a larger view) in southern italy. this was sighted the same weekend that all the maggots descended on beautiful florence for their anti-us protest. italy: the country that rolled with hitler and mussolini is now all moral and shit and siding with an equally evil figure in sadam hussein. it’s amazing what envy and jealousy of the us can make people do.

oh yeah! double the yardage output, 12 penalties for 115 yards, a missed field goal, a gift interception returned for a td that hit the ground (but surprise…it wasn’t ruled that way), two horrendous back-to-back calls that robbed the raiders of points….and the silver and black still beat that lousy team undeserving of a championship. the score should have been so much more lopsided. they even had a kickoff return for a td with a minute left to play, with the raiders sleepwalking in coverage. and that brady stiff says they “stopped themselves”. he needs to extract his head out of his ass.

tuck this!…you nfl and new england bastards! i’m still in italy workin hard for da man, but i’m stoked for the revenge game against the patsies. i don’t care if it starts at 2:30 am here, it’ll be worth seeing c woodson bury brady’s face in the dirt again. i’ll always be bitter about the snow job (see “the truth” link at the left) because it robbed some great players, since retired of a chance at a super bowl. hear eric allen talk about it, but there was also lb william thomas, og steve wisniewski, and the guy who recovered the “game winning” fumble, lb greg biekert (now starting with the vikings). revenge won’t be as sweet without them there.

i finally got out to the ww2 cemetary at anzio yesterday, aka sicily-rome cemetery. a very tangible reminder of our veterans’ ultimate sacrifice, and the wall-sized maps&displays captured the italian campaign history well. it was also interesting to learn about the 23 other war memorials we maintain globally – i was surprised to see one in mexico city and carthage, tunisia – but it made sense once i considered the scale of action we saw in both areas at one time. i appreciate the fact that the us gov maintains these grounds 24×7 as tidy as arlington’s standards.

i arrived in verona, italy just a few hours ago. beautiful city with a great arena. i believe it’s the third largest in italy. that whole romeo and juliet stuff is a bunch of crap though. while there really was a feuding capulet and a montague family, there never was a juliet or a romeo. they even built a balcony around 1920 to lure the tourists in. smart italians. i’m having dinner somewhere, picking up my girl at the airport, and then driving about thirty miles to lake garda to spend the weekend, probably making a day trip or two back to verona before heading over to vicenza.