one chilling factor i find about this mom caught beating her daughter story is the fact that she’s an irish traveler … hardly representative of the hard-working immigrants who made it in ‘merica, these gypsies are notorious for ripping off people doing construction ‘work’ for them and easily vanishing into the open road. this tired talk of ” i just want my daughter back, but btw i’m not guilty” is a dangerous smoke screen to get custody and get lost – i would not be surprised if their happy family disappears within hours of the girl’s release. hopefully the judge understands the heightened risk of flight here before the trial … i fear these f__kers take comfort in being able to vanish and avoid things like the law, social services, and health care. ok – she turned herself in this time after 24-7 cnn coverage and a failed attempt to darken her hair color (and maybe some momentary guilt thrown in – the clintonesque kind that is only really sorry you got caught and not that you were doing something wrong), but gypsy folk don’t trust nor honor the non-gypsy real world society.

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