Monthly Archive for September, 2002

gotta love the response to this thing about the former us ally declaring war on american troops in afghanistan. just three words….BRING IT ON. by the way, doesn’t the dude in the picture look like he raided rhoda morganstern’s closet for those glasses?

it is now official, everything causes cancer.

part 4: a ‘little death,’ a lotta tooz:

With an owner who sported a garish, black-onyx bracelet with “Al” spelled out on it in diamonds. According to rumor, it was a gift from gambler Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. And the rumor inside the rumor was that “Al” had not been inscribed with Al Davis in mind, but rather that the bracelet had first belonged to Al Capone. Well, with this group, things could get pretty weird indeed. Thankfully, Madden was there to hold it all together…

one chilling factor i find about this mom caught beating her daughter story is the fact that she’s an irish traveler … hardly representative of the hard-working immigrants who made it in ‘merica, these gypsies are notorious for ripping off people doing construction ‘work’ for them and easily vanishing into the open road. this tired talk of ” i just want my daughter back, but btw i’m not guilty” is a dangerous smoke screen to get custody and get lost – i would not be surprised if their happy family disappears within hours of the girl’s release. hopefully the judge understands the heightened risk of flight here before the trial … i fear these f__kers take comfort in being able to vanish and avoid things like the law, social services, and health care. ok – she turned herself in this time after 24-7 cnn coverage and a failed attempt to darken her hair color (and maybe some momentary guilt thrown in – the clintonesque kind that is only really sorry you got caught and not that you were doing something wrong), but gypsy folk don’t trust nor honor the non-gypsy real world society.

part 2 and part 3 of pat toomay’s homage to the silver and black and more reasons why the raiders are so much more of an “america’s team” than the nazi dallas cowboys.

this sign was spotted on a road along the mosel valley,

among several other places in germany.

a speed limit for army tanks? strange.

do tanks normally go rumbling down german

streets at excessive speeds to warrant these signs?

santa gnomethis is my last full day in germany. the weather’s been beautiful up until yesterday when the ‘leave’ part of my trip began. figures. nice trip overall. had some good microsoft training and a technical exchange meeting, but of course the best part was touring parts of western germany in between. first we drove down the mosel river valley, where there were vineyards growing in every patch of soil, even clinging to seemingly unharvestably steep slopes. a short detour off the valley took us to burg eltz, the coolest medieval castle you’ll find. better than the prissy neuschwanstein castle further south (the one walt disney supposedly used to pattern his fairy tale castles after). unfortunately didn’t get a chance to go inside as we missed visiting hours, having gotten sidetracked by hot, cartoon women and baked aliens (what’s the deal with germans and gnomes?). as i mentioned earlier, we also stopped for a beer and brat in the quaint, riverside town of cochem. yesterday, we took the u-bahn to downtown stuttgart and just chilled in the schlossplatz, followed by a walk through the staatsgalerie (state museum). they had a pretty good collection of picasso’s there, a couple of tintorettos, a rembrandt, a few giacomettis, a modigliani, some munch, matisse and even a warhol. unfortunately, just missed a special exhibition of manet’s works by two days. that evening, took the s-bahn to ludwigsburg, a suburb of stuttgart, for dinner at an outdoor cafe in it’s big marktplatz, amid ringing church bells. it’s dubbed the “versailles of swabia”, though we didn’t arrive until late evening and didn’t get a chance to experience its full baroque glory. next stop is rothenburg, off the river tauber, a walled town dating back to the middle ages (12th century). i’m actually in an internet cafe in rothenburg now, writing this. i highly recommend everyone visit this town if anywhere near south or western germany. it’s beautiful and really is like stepping back into another age, if you take out all the american and japanese tourists.

when the palestinians say, “end of occupation”, what do they mean?

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

-Benjamin Franklin

i’m in the rhineland region of germany right now and someone mentioned that this country has the best beer, calling it, “the land of beer”. sorry, but both british and belgian beers are better. and beer’s history goes way back to the ancient babylonians. german beers are just too highly carbonated. drinking one beer is like sucking in a softball full of co2. it’s amazing that some beer companies actually pump in additional co2, besides that which is naturally produced from the fermentation process. (this country’s love of carbonation is so strangely ubiquitous that it’s sometimes hard to find still, natural water sold). the belgians have some truly great beers and a wide variety but i like british cask ales best because…

A properly produced cask ale can help to illustrate the impact of carbonation on beer flavor. Look for a brewpub or beer bar that offers the same beer in cask and draft forms. Order a pint of each and compare them side by side. With the carbonic bite stripped away, cask ale usually displays a very different balance of hop and malt flavors. The resulting beer is quite different from the traditionally carbonated pint—and that’s a key reason for the rising popularity of cask ale.

raider season is right around the corner and what better way to bring it on but with a story about the silver and black. this one is very entertainingly written by former raider defensive end pat toomay, who went from the ridiculous to the sublime (i.e. from that traitor, jon gruden’s, tampa bay team to one committed to excellence) . by the way, he was a designated pass rusher, yet another football concept revolutionized by the raiders.